What Baby Items Were A Waste Of Money

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Brittany - February 9

I saw how some of you girls were posting fun little threads. Well I figured I'd start one, I dunno if it'll be fun or not. When your a first time mom, you get caught up in buying anything and EVERYTHING for your baby. Some things you find out are not useful after you have the baby. It's the thought that counts but I found that a few gifts from my baby shower were things I'd never use. I recieved A LOT of glass piggy banks lol they're collecting dust right now. Maybe my kids will use them one day but ahh they just take up too much room right now. Another was a bottle warmer, I'm sure there are a lot of women who love theirs but it was just a waste of money for us. My mom hated her diaper genie. I remember my stepmom recieving one too and I told her how it doesn't work and how my mom hated it and my stepmom doubted me soo much lol, a few days later, my stepmom was complaining about hers too LOL. Now it's your turn, what baby items are sitting in the corner?!


LisaB - February 9

Paicfiers- got a ton of them and didn't use them. Bottles didn't use them but maybe once or twice. All the stuffed animals what am supposed to do with them all???


ashtynsmom - February 9

Well, we never used the pack and play. I just HAD to have one.. but we have NEVER used it. Anywhere we went, they already had one, or dd wanted to sleep with us since it was a strange enviroment. Also, the walker. She loved her exersaucer twice as much. We used the walker outside, but rarely. She preferred being on a blanket on the ground and playing with the gra__s or leaves. Infant shoes. She hated them, and never wore them! I think I got 10 pairs with the tags still on them! The diaper genie... it still stunk, so we resorted to bying individual scented bags and putting the poopy ones in them, in the outside trash. The bottle warmer and food jar warmer was a waste as well. I returned the wipe warmer- we just dind't have room for it, and we usually ended up changing her wherever she pooped, and not in her room anyway.


sophandbob - February 9

A bottle warmer. Used it once and it heated the bottle up way too much and I burnt myself testing the temp of the milk for little man. It got binned straight away!


lin7604 - February 9

bottles too, i got the playtex advace and regular nurses and in the beginning the nursers even with the slow flow were too fast for my lo, so i use the advance, and can't get him to switch back and forth. also was pacifiers too, i bought mnay different kinds of different sizes so in case he like one over another, weel that is what he has done, he will only take the " nuk " kind. last but not least i bought a snuggle carrier pack and was hoping to carry him in it so i could walk on the treadmill daily but he only likes it for 5-10 min and that's it, plus he has gotten too heavy too quickly. he's 15 weeks and 17.5 lbs!


Erynn21 - February 9

Mine was a baby monitor, the one I got is c___p and I live in an old house, so I can hear the baby better with my ears than that c___ppy monitor. I also got a nursery air purifier w/ it and the thing is so loud no one could sleep. I was really lucky because I didn't have to buy hardly anything, I worked as a hairstylist and had a bunch of clients who were grandparents and wealthy so they bought stuff for when the grandkids came that they never used. I got my jogging stroller(brand new, used like 2x's) a pack and play(which I haven't used), toys, I only had to buy a few things. I had read on here about the diaper genie and how many ppl didn't like them, I just use a garbage can w/ a tight lid. Wow this got long winded.


srigles - February 9

Same as sophandbob - the bottle warmer is totally useless!


Kara H. - February 9

Baby dress clothes - Everybody got Max a little baby sweater/paints set or dress shirt and bow tie. He only wore the Christmas sweater once (and puked on it 5 minutes after his picture with Santa). The rest are now packed away with the tags still on.


Guest - February 9

bottle warmer haven't used it..was not sure if it can be use with b___st milk or not? Also the Advent starter kits..these bottles suck. I switched to the Dr. Browns and they are much better. So I have about 12 Advent bottles unused. Also the plastic pacifiers are not good..I switched to the latex onesas my duaghter will not use the plastic ones. I have vibrting chair..she cries every time i put her in it. Also have not used the Angel monitor once. My stroller is way to huge for my car..had to buy a universal one which is much smaller and lighter too!!.


BusyBee - February 9

I never got one of these, but I think a lot of people seem to think they need one as soon as they have a baby - a Diaper Genie. I don't see the point 'cause if our garbage is stinky, I just take it out every day.


Renea - February 9

Ok, this is going to sound weird, but to me the useless thing for me was my changing table. I barely ever used it. With my last 2 kids, I didn't even pull it out of the closet. I just prefer using my bed (when they were little) or the floor. Diaper genie was the 2nd worse--it didn't help with the smell at all. Just as easy to take the diaper to the garbage can, since we empty that every day.


Dawn - February 9

Baby monitor, like Erynn21's ours was c___p and we live in a 1930's house so the walls and pretty thin.


USMC_wife - February 9

The little pacifiers you put medicine in.....pointless. Once they taste what is in it, they stop sucking on it and spit it out, so then you have to try and sc___pe the remnants out with a syringe. Most babies just about have to be hog tied to get meds in them anyways. Oh, and stuffed animals......how boring for a lo, and if they chew on it they get a mouth full of fuzz.


Nita_ - February 9

Bottle warmer! Ours had a cold section too which I NEVER used! We also have a bunch of outfits that she wore like once! and some not even once! My baby bjorn (although I thought will use more) hasnt been used much and I started using it few days back and it gave me such bad backache or at least that's what I think it was caused by. We haven't used our changing table/pad either!! We still use the one that came with our packnplay/ba__sinet combo! LOL!


Shea - February 9

As usual, I am different. I loved my diaper genie, only stopped using it b/c ds wants to play with it now. I also love my wipe warmer, would be totally lost without my baby monitor - I have 3 floors, and same for my pack & play. I love my avent bottles too, I got lots of stuff - but have used most everything! Probably the least used is the sling and front carrier (although we did use that at a baseball game once), mainly because ds hated them, Also not used a lot were onsies. DS was born in the winter, so would have had to use them under clothes - but he is a little oven and always so hot.


Mommy_to_be - February 9

I also love my diaper genie...my dd was born during the winter season so taking the trash out when there's snow on the ground isn't very appealing...we take ours out every 2 to 3 days.. and it totally eliminates the smell, and trust me my daughter is a stinky girl! The thing is that you need to know how to use it properly and have to have the patience to use it every time you change your little one! Biggest wastes were probably the 40 pacifiers (dd doesn't like them), the 30 bibs (we do laundry every day anyway) and the bottle warmer...


AshleyB - February 9

I have to say stuffed animals, and we got a ton of homemade blankets. Yes, they are thoughtful and nice, but I'd rather lay ds down on a soft fleece blankie than a large holed knitted blanket. We love our pack n play, we have it in the living room and I use the ba__sinett part as a changing table since we didn't buy one of those. Ds loves laying there too. Sleep positioner- our doc said not to use it so that was a waste. I have the diaper genie 2 and we love it, it doesn't stink either. Also dressy outfits. We got way too many socks and baby washcloths.



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