What Bad Habits Do You Wish You Never Encouraged

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Mel_C - May 14

My ds is 11 weeks now, and unfortunately wants to be rocked to sleep every night, and for pretty much every daily nap. When he was really new he was quite happy to lie in his cot and fall asleep by himself, only I wanted to be holding him all the time - so I'm pretty sure I have myself to blame for this one! I'm way too soft for CIO, and luckily I seem to have found a balance now where it usually only takes a few minutes to put him down, so it's at a liveable stage. Still it makes me wonder what other bad habits I might be inadvertantly nurturing!!


sara b - May 14

I would encourage you to let your son learn to fall back to sleep on his own by just putting him down at least for one nap a day. Also I encouraged my daughter to entertain herself by putting her with toys in the playpen and leaving her to herself for longer and longer periods of time. (of course, she was sitting up by the time I started this). Now she can entertain herself for a few hours. I'm one of the only mothers I know who can take a shower and actually wash my hair, shave, and wash without someone else watching the baby. It also made it easier when I got her into daycare because she was used to playing without me. Best wishes.


HannahBaby - May 14

i dont think rocking your newborn to sleep is a bad habit. I still rock my 16 month old and give her her only night time bottle. The one thing i wish that i never let her do was suck her thumb. Even though its so dang cute her thumb gets a sore in the crease and it always looks sore and tender (thought it doesnt seem to bother her) I dont really think that you can start bad habits at 11 weeks, its all about what works for you.


Rabbits07 - May 14

It's so easy to start things...then later say -uh-oh, what have I done?- I don't really think you can spoil them when they are so little (my definition of being spoiled is wanting what you want when you want it and not caring about how others are affected by it), but I do think babies can get comfort from certain things--like being rocked to sleep--and come to expect it. If it's not something that you want to become a routine then you probably should start 'weaning' him from it. On the other hand, if it only takes a few minutes to put him down, it sounds like it may be a good routine instead of a bad habit.


Angela in California - May 15

Mel - Don't think of rocking your baby to sleep as a bad habit at all. It made him feel safe, secure and loved and that's a very important thing for a newborn. They need that. You already said you've found a balance now, and pretty soon he'll be fine to go to sleep with no rocking at all. I've only recently started putting my 4 month old down for real naps (before I just held him or let him fall asleep when he felt like it in his swing or baby bjorn, etc) and he has made the transition fine.


Heather F - May 15

I wish I never put the baby in the bed with me, now she is usd to sleeping next to me and i am dreading having to break the habit.


Mel_C - May 15

I don't see it as such a bad thing at this age, but my fear is that as he gets older (and heavier! I should have said "jogged" to sleep rather than "rocked" because he likes to kind of be jiggled as you walk around with him - if you sit down he tends to wake up) it will take longer and longer to put him down. Ky tends to really scream when he's tired, or thinks it's bed time, so I'm scared of what an ordeal naptime might turn into in a few months time. Still, maybe I can try to encourage him to fall asleep in his own bed more and more. He just woke up in his ba__sinet and cried (after only ten minutes of sleep) so I went in and shushed him and he drifted back to sleep in just a minute or two. So maybe that's a start! Angela in California - do you put your baby down awake or asleep? If you put him down awake, how do you go about doing that, does he cry?


austinsmom - May 16

I can put mine in the swing and he may fuss for a half a minute cause he is tired but he will ultimately fall asleep and I can then take him to crib......also I have a fisher price aquarium that attaches to side of crib and he will watch this (the music, bubbles, moving characters, and lights) and fall asleep looking at it......sometimes though they just need love and comfort and if nothing else works I will hold and rock him....I think by switching up the things you do to get him to sleep he does'nt get used to a certain thing and it makes it easier to get him to sleep........let me add girls that we do not have it too bad....I think a bad habit to start is having to drive lo around in car to get him to sleep EVERYTIME....can you imagine this????? I know someone who did this cause it seemed to be the only way and got stuck doing it for 2 years straight every night.....wow!!!!


meme - May 16

My little one is two & a half weeks old, and even though this is my first child, I can't see picking him up to comfort him when he's lonely, sad, bored, hungry, wet, wanting love from his mama, etc. ever feeling like a bad habit to me. Nor would having him sleep on my chest or next to me ever feel wrong or like it's something I can't wait to stop one day. I can, however, visualize him being eighteen or twenty & moving out, and THAT sucks! What a great gift motherhood is! It's trying & challenging & also just so wonderful!


Nick - May 16

I wish I did not let my son sleep in our bed. When he was tiny, it was so cute and sweet. Now at 9 months old it is uncomfortable for me and my husband. He moves all night long and keeps waking me up and now my husband sleeps on the couch half the time so he can get a good night sleep. I have tried putting him in his crib and letting him CIO, but he does NOT fall asleep, he just keeps crying!



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