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sashasmama - January 17

My dd has always been an ok solids eater. She's gone through phases where she didn't want to eat anything, and when she ate everything in sight. Well, now she's 13 months old, and for the past 2-3 months I didn't have one single complaint about her eating. She ate everything I gave her, and finished her portions. Well, about 4 days ago she started a horrible habbit, after about 5-6 bites she would start holding food in her mouth, and there is not way in getting her to swallow it. I've tried giving her juice, milk, Gerber fruit puffs, even chocolate - nothing would make her swallow, she would hold it for HOURS, and the spit would acc_mulate, and she looks like a hampster. After a few times of that happening, I started trying to get it out with my finger, that worked, even though she hates it, but the problem is that she wouldn't eat anymore after that, and if I put another bite, she'd hold it in her mouth again. She's been barely eating. I'm sure it's a phase, but has anyone dealt with this before? I'm usually good about letting her phases take it's course, but now I'm starting to worry a bit, because she's barely eaten for about 4 days now.


lindsay - January 17

the only advice i have is to keep trying...you would think she would eventually get hungry enough to start swallowing again. i recently had nutrition cla__s in nursing school and we were taught to just let eating behaviors and jags run their course(within reason, of course). i think unless she starts losing weight or dispalying some type of obvious deficiency,she'll snap out of it w/out incident & she's just being a typical 13 month old exploring her world in weird ways, haha! sorry i don't have better advice : ( does she at least swallow the fluids you give her to try to wash it down? i'd probably be more readily concerned with dehydration before starvation...now, as for her holding food in he rmouth like a little hampster...i BURST out with laughter upon reading that, LMAO!! i'm sorry to laugh at your concern, but all else aside, THAT IS FUNNY! :D


Kara H. - January 17

A friend of mine's little girl had the sensation she was going to throw up when she swallowed. She ended up working with an occupational therapist to get the issue resolved.


piratesmermaid - January 18

When I was little (2-3 yrs old) I did the same thing with meat. I'd chew it and chew it and never swallow. Eventually my mom would get me to spit it out because I could hold it in my mouth for hours too, I grew out of it, though. (Obviously!) Good luck! :)


J.J. - January 18

No solution but I can sympathize. My son will eat some, then store the rest in his cheeks like a chipmunk. When he does it at dinner i have to dig around in there b/c i'm worried he'll choke on it when he goes to sleep.


sashasmama - January 18

Lol JJ, chipmunk , that's exactly what they look like. She is still doing this...Lindsay, she does drink a lot and she swallows it just fine, I'm hoping she'll stop sometime soon. I was able to get her to eat chicken and veggies today, after I got all that was in her mouth out I just kept feeding her, but after about 3 bites she'd do the same thing. Piratesmermaid, I think that runs in the genes, because i did the same thing when I was little with meat! I remember waking up in the morning and it was stuck at the top of my mouth from the day before.



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