What Can I Do For A Rash

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countrymom401 - December 26

On The 24th my mom watched my lo for a few hours. she put him in a santa suit that she bought for him the other day.she didn't wash it before she put it on him. Well The poor little guy has a rash all over his torso now. His arms and legs are okay. a little on his head where the hat was. I just don't know what I can do to help it go away. I put a little penaten creme on it. Has anyone had this happen? What can I put on it? and how long should I treat it before I should see results or take him to a doc. Or course it's the holidays and not open today...It doesn't seem to be bugging him though.......... just me And thank you for any help......Happy holidays


kimberly - December 26

Try some hydrocortisone creame. It is found in any department store or at a pharmacy. But, if it is an allergic reaction he may need a steriod to help get rid of it.


excited2bemama - December 26

If he isn't bothered by it I would just leave it be for a day to 2 and see if it gets any better.. if it doesnt they he may need a steroid creme.. Dd has gotten rashes like that from clothes or a heat rash and they heal up just fine on their own within a day or it


emfine99 - December 27

My dd had a bad rash on her forehead and face last week. She had scaly skin so I put baby oil on her and put a cap on her head without thinking, she sweat really bad that night and the next day had a really bad heat rash. You can't really do much for it, it will go away with time. I think it took hers 3-4 days to clear up. It was aweful! I used Cetaphil wash on her because it's sensitive and stuff and it seemed to help with clearing it up! Good luck!


wailing - December 27

My ds has eczema and our pedi told us to use Dove soap b/c it's more sensitive and also cetaphil lotion. When ds gets a rash that lasts for a few days I put some 1% hydrocortisone cream on it. But, don't use more then twice a day and make sure there are no other ingredients (this is all according to our pedi). Some hydrocortisone creams have aloe or soy for moisture and some bb's are very allergic to this. I know this is a little freaky, but if the rash doesn't clear up in a few days then I would call the pedi. Scabies and other such pests can be pa__sed through clothes and cause a rash sometimes, although it would spread fast and itch.



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