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K - September 23

My daughter is 3 weeks old and up until today she has been a very calm baby. She usually sleeps until 4or 4:30am but she woke up at 2:30 am which is no big deal I know babys wake up.She is usually very calm and dosen't cry to much but for some reason today she is crying constantly. the only time she is not is when she is eating or sleeping I took her temp and it was 98.8 she just seems very restless. Any idea what could be wrong w/ her? Please help


nelly - September 23

Is she having gas pains? It could be colic. My daughter had this and she would start crying around 5pm and would not stop til 8pm and then she would be fine again. She also fights her sleeps and gets really ticked and lets us know all about it.Have you tried the mylicon drops for gas? Also I noticed walking and swaying her and singing to her helps also when I was right there with her I would lay her on her stomach and that soothed her but I never left her unsupervized.Going outside on the porch swing seemed to help too.


kEEKEE - September 24

Nelly right, it could be colic. You can buy some gas drops at your local drug store and see if it helps. If the crying gets worst I would call the doctor. Take care


to K - September 25

Who knows why babies cry? Sometimes they are just p__sed off for no other reason than they want everyone else to know they are p__sed off. It's all a part of learning their surroundings. But, don't miscount the colic theory. Mylicon drops work wonders. Also, if the weather is nice, take your baby outside. The bright light and colors may give your baby something else to focus on than being mad for whatever reason. Warm baths help colic, too. Use a soothing scented soap that is gentle to baby. Also, have you changed anything in your daughter's routine? Tried to wean her to a bottle when she was only getting b___st? Changed formulas, etc? At 3 weeks old, she's still learning alot about how the day goes. Just be patient. Lots of love and snuggling should get you through this. Patience is a virtue when raising kids! :)


monica - September 25

my son started crying like never before today and I called the advise nurse and she told me it was colic. I have been reading the book " the happiest baby on the block " its really good for babies with colic.


mom42 - September 26

I would treat for gas first and see how it goes. For my kiddo, gas drops and "rocking horse" work. This is sitting her on my belly and rocking her forward (so she is slumped over) and back. And, yes, I have a goofy song to go with it : ) Also, patting and bouncing.


k - September 26

Well we found out it was the formula we were useing it was giving her a belly ache so we have switched and she is doing outstanding no more tears(well no more ongoing tears just the occasional crying)


monica - September 26

to K what kind of formula were you giving baby before and which formula are you giving baby now?



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