What Could This Be Reflux Colic Please NO

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Gavinsmom - March 6

My ds will be 6 weeks old this Thursday. He has been a wonderful baby so far...eats like a pig, sleeps 3-4 hour stretches at night and takes a lot of good naps during the day. BUT, the last few days, starting between 5 and 6 pm, he turns into a fussypants! For example, today he napped from 2-4:30 pm, drank 4 oz, burped really well and had a big poop. As soon as I got done changing him, he began fussing like crazy (luckily, he has never been one to cry...last time he did was right when he came out of me when he was born-he's just a fusser when he is upset which can still be very stressful and hard to deal with). So, here I am an hour later and he is still fussing like crazy. Based on the last few days, I expect that he will be fussing until 8 or 9 o'clock tonight. I've tried all of his favorite things...singing to him, humming, put him in his swing, bouncy seat, carseat, put on music, tried different positions, all to no avail. Usually a pacifier will help quiet him down for a little bit and while he's sucking on it, he makes these noises like he is taking his anger/pain out on it...he chews on it and has this evil grunt when he does. The only thing that DID get him to stop fussing was when I gave him a bath (but I like to give him a bath right before bed b/c he sleeps better). Why do you think he is doing this? Do you think there is a possibility that he has reflux? Every time he eats he gets real antsy, spits up a lot (which has an "acid like" smell, gets the hiccups real bad and he is constantly swallowing and making sour faces. He will sometimes even be spitting up 2 hours later. I feel really bad for him. During the day, though, even with all these horrible symptoms, he is pretty content. If it is reflux, could it be that as the day wears on, his throat gets sore and by evening he is hurting from it? Or does this sound like colic? I always thought colicky babies cry, not fuss? And they cry for hours and hours straight? He doesn't fuss for hours straight...it's off an on every few minutes and sometimes he'll be quiet for 10 or 15 minutes and then he's back to it again. I can't imagine him crying for 3 or 4 hours...that would be so difficult to deal with! He also gets gas dops in every bottle (I exclusively pump, so he is strictly on br___tmilk). Sorry this is so long, but PLEASE someone help me figure this one out!!! I don't know what to do and I HATE seeing my little guy upset and uncomfortable! Thanks to anyone that reads this whole rant...lol!


aurorabunny - March 6

Ooh that is a toughy. =( Some of the symptoms you've described sound like reflux, but the hours of the day that this is happening REALLY sounds like colic to me. Have you visited his ped? I would take him in and see what they have to say. And some may disagree with me, but IMO those stupid gas drops aren't worth a dang! I wish they were!!! Does he do any back arching, seem more uncomfortable when laying flat, anything like that? Just sounds like a tough call, I would see what the doc says. In the meantime, you should check out The Happiest Baby on the Block......if it does turn out to be colic there are some awesome soothing ideas in there that really do work. Let us know what you find out and hang in there!!!


chrissi79 - March 6

Wow this sounds similar to my dd right now. She was 5 weeks yesterday, and yeah, she's the same, she's good most of the day - basically she cries when she's hungry...then the evening comes and she can get quite fussy for no apparent reason. She doesn't usually spit up a lot though...it takes us a while to get her quiet, but eventually she settles. Sometimes I think she's a bit constipated cause she'll grunt and strain for a while...perhaps he does have reflux? Doesn't sound like he's colicy though. My baby gets hiccups all the time too!! Maybe sometimes they are just cranky cause they are tired?? I don't know...they are still so young and its so much trial and error right now...good luck.


luviduvi - March 6

Sounds like reflux. My ds was diagnosed with it at 6 weeks. He is a happy spitter however. Colic usually shows its ugly face much earlier unless you have a preemie. Colic will show up at the corrected age. I would call the ped. Are you b/fing? If you are formula feeding, switch to Soy, with Peds okay ofcourse


Gavinsmom - March 7

Thanks for the responses! He does do the back arching and we definitely cannot lay him flat. We have his sleeping space elevated. By the way, he was born at 37 weeks, so a little early. We have our 2 month check-up in 2 weeks, but there is no way we can go another 2 weeks like this. I'm going to call the ped today to see if we can get in. Any other opinions or suggestions?


aurorabunny - March 7

Well from the other stuff you've mentioned, that does sound like reflux. Have you tried holding him upright for at least half an hour after he eats? Other then that I think you are pretty much doing everything that I would recommend. I think you just need to see your ped for (possibly) some medication. Also, I don't know where you live but it is getting warm here....last summer when ds's reflux was really bad, taking him around outside seemed to distract him and make him a lot calmer. Just a suggestion, I hope you can get into the ped sooner.


HANNAHs Mom - March 7

Both of my little girls (now 4 and 18m) both experienced fussiness around 6 week of age and it was always early evening. I b___stfed them both too so what I found helpful & soothing for them was to lay down with them in my bed at that time and b___stfeed and just hold them, rub their back, sing etc. and it seemed to work. It was a short-lived phase that lasted a month or so..(I forget).. GL to you


Gavinsmom - March 7

YAY!!! We are going to see the doctor tomorrow at 11! Our ped is out of town til next week, but we will see his partner. I hope we finally get some answers.


mandee25 - March 8

I just wanted to say my little baby boy makes those angry noises when I give him a soother to calm himself down. It sounds like a bumble bee and we can't help but laugh. I don't have an answer but I hope you get it figured out. Let us know!



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