What Diaper Do You Use For Your Little Boy

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pbj - May 31

I have a dd, but she's recently starting rolling over in her crib and sleeping on her belly. This has made her diaper start to leak as she only wets in the front. I thought maybe those of you who have little boys could let me know which diaper you find to work best for you. I use pampers cruisers and still plan to during the day, but would like something else for nighttime.


HannahBaby - May 31

Girl my daughter wets the bed EVERY NIGHT i have tried EVERYTHING. I got the huggies overnights (didnt work) Ive tried every diaper under the sun (the one that has worked the best in pampers crusiers, huggies dont hold nearly as much) I have tried double diapering (for some reason i thought that that would work) I bought cloth diapers to put over the disposable ones (didnt work) Ive tried putting the disposable diaper pads in the daipers but that didnt work either. What i find works best for me (which i cant do now that its getting hot) Is not giving her any liquids after 4pm. Then letting her have her 8oz milk bottle for bed. If i can do that then shes dry, but now that its so hot out i dont want to limit her liquid intake. Thats they only thing that has worked for me. My daughter is 16 months and sleeps on her belly as well. I have given up and have accepted the fact that ill be changing crib sheets everyday until she is potty trained. I just feel bad for her because she wakes up all cold and clammy from being wet all night. If you find something that works for you PLEASE let me know!!


Bonnie - May 31

I use Pampers Cruisers during the day and Papmers Baby Dry which is their nighttime diaper, at night.


Marlene - May 31

I have a son and for me huggies was the worse!! Everyone I talk to with little boys say the same. I like white cloud from wal-mart, pampers, luvs. The cheapest out of these are the white clouds but they really do work great. You can also try to pull her papmer up alittle more in the front at night like alittle over her belly b___ton.


Whitney - May 31

Just like Bonnie, I use pampers Cruisers for my son during the day & Pampers Babydry at night. At night I also try to put the diaper on much tighter then I do during the day, since he's just sleeping he doesn't need as much room as he would during the day when he's crawling around.


ca_pink - May 31

We use Pampers Swaddlers during the day and Papmpers Baby Dry at night


JEN - May 31

Hi pbj! We use pampers cruisers all the time, but at night we go up a size. The diaper nearly comes up to his armipts LOL but NO LEAKS! I also like these because they are so stretchy on the sides so you can put them on nice and snug without the baby feeling constricted.


tiffani - May 31

I use Huggies for my boys (and I used Pampers for my daughter) and have never had a problem. A simple solution for a leaky diaper.... a bigger size. That ALWAYS solved my problem. I've seen some people say that Huggies leak, or that they don't hold as much, but I haven't experienced a problem with them yet, and i've been using them for over 2 years now. :o)


HannahBaby - May 31

I tried buying a bigger size but that didnt work. She sleeps on her tummy so the front of her diapers is huge and leaking and the middle and back are dry as the minute that i put it on her.


AmandaManns - May 31

I have a little or rather big boy and all we use is the pampers cruisers, day and night. He usually get his night time diaper on between 7-8 and he is not changed until about 6-7 the next morning. We have not had a leak yet, the diapers are soaked and huge in the morning but no leaks so far. We used Huggies at first and he leaked through those every night.


pbj - May 31

Bonnie, thanks I went to the store and bought some baby dry...hope it works. She's waking up in the middle of the night again because she's soaked. By the time I get her changed she's completely awake, so now her schedule is so screwed up and I'm exhausted.


tiffani - May 31

HannahBaby~ I guess you've done all you can do. To avoid having to change the sheets everyday, you can buy a waterproof pad to lay on top of the sheet. You'll still have to wash that, but atleast it's easy to take off and replace. Crib sheets are a big fat pain in the b___t, especially if you have a crib bumper. :o)


C - May 31

I prefer Baby Dry by Pampers for nighttime too. I like Huggies Supreme too.


Nick - May 31

I use huggies on my 9 month old boy. I tried pampers baby dry and swaddlers in the beginning but he soaked through both kinds. Huggies works great for him, but I also go up a size from what he should be in. He is not yet 20 pounds, yet he as been in size 4 for months. It really makes a difference.


Angela in California - May 31

he wears the Seventh Generation diapers. They're great and haveb't leaked yet!


Nerdy Girl - June 1

I have used Huggies for both my daughter and my son, and have not had a problem with leaks. Oh sure, every once in awhile I will have a leak, but that can happen with any diaper as it shifts. I am actually surprised to hear how many people think Huggies are so leaky.


Heather F - June 1

What about huggies supreme?



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