What Diapers Are Best

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1st time mom - October 26

I just wanted to know what brand everyone likes. Are there some that i should stay away from?


me - October 26

I tried huggies and it always leak. I love walmart's diaper (parent's choice) it's cheap and less likely to leak, plus the size 3 is really huge, fit until my baby is 13 kg (around 27 lbs). Pampers is good too but kinda expensive and my budget is tight.Hope this helps.


-m - October 26

I tried huggies first and they leaked on me all the time. Next I tried pampers swaddlers and dry baby and they work great. I also tried luvs and they are shaped and they work just the same as pampers


Jbear - October 27

I like pampers swaddlers or huggies supreme. Luvs are good for bigger babies, but their newborn diapers leaked. I bought a pack of parent's choice the other day to see if they've gotten better since I had my first baby...the cover is less like a plastic bag and more cloth-like but they smell like cat pee when wet.


L - October 27

With my first child I used Huggies exclusively but found they leaked alot with my second child (she is a bit bigger). Now I absolutely love Pampers Swaddlers and Cottontails. They both are great...soft, good fit and no leakage.


momma - October 27

i have tried all kinds of dipers huggies and huggies supreme work best for my daoughter i just use the supremes when she has a rash and at night if you are not sure buy a small pack of every brand of diper you can (you you havent had a shower yet you will probly got some there) you will see what works best for you and you baby. remeber every baby is different one baby is fine with pampers another with huggies , parants choice, luvs,........................


BBK ® © - October 27

The pampers swadlers were the best for us but we had trouble finding all the sizes all the time. Pampers baby dry are good too, but only new stock (has paterns on both sides). Old stock was made of some rigid rough material and some stores still carry it so watch out. Huggies are fine too. I'd say experiment and see what the best fit is for your baby's bottom :-)


me - October 27

PAMPERS SWADDLERS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amanda N - October 27

We found Pampers to be the best for us. Huggies always leaked.


Michelle - October 27

I like Huggies and Luvs....never had problems with either.


Toya - October 27

Huggies Supreme and Pampers Cruisers!


krystal - October 28

with my daughter i used name brand for the first little while and then i switched to the cheaper ones and she broke out..severly. so she always had to have the expensive kind. With my son i was worried so i used pampers for the first little while and then switched him to the cheaper ones and he is ok. my newborn is still in pampers but i will try the other ones when he gets a little older.


Jamie - October 28

I can't stand Pampers. My daughter gets a rash every time we use them, plus she leaks everywhere. I really like Huggies.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 28

I ahve tried every brand, generic and name brand, and the only ones that do not leak on my son and are semi breathable are the Target store brand.


Narcissus - October 28

Pampers Baby Dry for night, and Target Brand for day...


Liz - October 28

I use pampers swaddlers. They work great and seem much more comfortable for him than other brands.


jorden - October 28

i really like the pampers swaddlers. They stretch with them and when you sit them up, it doesn't cut into their tummy. Then they go to the cruisers in size 3. :)



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