What Did You Do When You Started Solids

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pregnant76 - November 6

I just started my DD (4 months...I got the okay from the pedi) on rice cereal last night. She probably got 4-5 spoonfuls in. How many times a day do you start with? Do they start eating more? What type of other foods did you introduce? When? How much? Please tell me!


Cevvin - November 6

You do rice cereal for a couple months to let there digestive system get used to having solids in there. They will eat more that 4-5 spoonfuls, its an art at first. Some eat like little piggies some take it slow. Try one time a day, around the same time so your lo gets used to that. Then when your doc gives the okay for first foods then you can start introducing those.


DDT - November 6

I started cereal at 4.5 months and then 3wks later started fruit because my ds wasn't a fan of cereal plain. Once I added fruit he gobbled up the cereal. I stuck to 1-2tbsp 1x a day. The when he was 5.5 months old I started feeding him 2x a day with the new food in the morning and then the cereal for dinner. I tried all the first foods including fuits and vegs (banana, apple, pear, squash, sweet potatoe & sweet peas). By 7 months or so he was on meals 3x a day. It sounds like your lo is doing great! 4-5 spoonfuls is good considering she just started. Just follow her lead and watch for signs of fullness or distraction. Once she starts not looking interested anymore or is pulling her face away from the spoon then its done. The amount she eats will increase slowly for sure.


lin7604 - November 6

we started cereal at 4 month as my ds was a big formula eater and wasn't getting full enough on it. We did cereal 3 times a day and we let him guide us on how much, until his formula levels dropped off. We did rice for a 2-3 weeks and then tried oatmeal for 2-3 weeks adn then barley. I started veggies at 5 months and didn't start friut till after 6 months.


squished - November 7

MIMI.....we get to start cereal too! Our ped. said we could offer it 3 x's a day, but we are going to start with one, maybe at night, but probably in the am as he is in a much better mood in the morning. We were told cereal for a while, then veggies and then fruits. We'll find out more at the 6 month check up about starting other foods. Have fun!


JerseyGirl - November 8

Great topic. I, too, started my almost 5-month-old DS on rice cereal Oct. 31. He gets about 2 teaspoons just before his 4pm bottle. When do I add a morning feeding? And will it be 2 teaspoons at EACH feeding? And after how long can I start with a fruit? I'm told that should be given at lunch time... not at the same feeding as cereal (my ped. said not to mix them). Introducing solids is much more difficult than making a bottle of formula!!


Cathy2 - November 8

Just yesterday I went to a seminar on how and when to intro duce solid foods. You're right, it is quite a science. My question is this...Are you guys starting on solid foods so early becuase you are formula feeding. The seminar I went ot was strictly for b___stfed babies and they were very clear about there being no need whatsoever for solid foods before 6-7 months. I also do not know anyone who is formula feedings to ask this...I would think that becuase formula does not change according to the babies nutritional needs like b___stmilk does, there is an earlier need for supplimenting with solids...does that sound right?


JerseyGirl - November 8

From what I understand, the introduction of solids is to get the babies used to eating from a spoon and swallowing that way, and has nothing really to do with caloric or nutritional needs. I have heard that strictly b___st-fed babies do wait longer than the formula-fed babies. Not sure why though...


MNMOM - November 8

Cathy: the comment you heard about not starting solids until 6 or 7 months becuase of b___stfeeding sounds a little too regimented and ridiculous to me.....babies can do fine on b___stmilk OR formula for the entire first 6 months, but it is ok to start cereal at 4 months whether you are b___stfeeding or formula feeding, the idea is to introduce them to eating, learning how to work their tongue to push the solid to the back of the throat, etc.


jeni23 - November 8

My son is strictly b___stfed and he eats round 4-5 spoonfuls of rice cereal everynight,he turns his head and pretty much lets me know when hes done.Im gonna start giving it to him 2x a day next week,and 3x a day in 2 weeks.When in doubt ask his/her doctor.


c_baer19 - November 8

Cathy, it is recommended now that ALL babies wait until 6 months, but most pedis will say 4. Mine does, but I started them a week or two early because I really felt like my baby was ready for them - she showed all the signs of it. Anyway, my baby is exclusively b___stfed.


excited2bemama - November 8

The whole introcuding solids drives me CRAZY. I don't understand why so many peds push starting solids when the AAP does even recommend starting them until 6 months. They also say that when you start solids they aren't supposed to really drop bottles or nursing sessions till closer to 10-12 months as formula or b___stmilk is supposed to be the primary nurtrition. Personally I didn't listen to my ped when she wanted me to start solids at 4 months or just before 4 months. I wanted till my lo was interested which is now- She is 5 months- But even then I have only given her pears,apples, and banana in a mesh feeder. Like one time each. I am really trying to hold off till 6 months. Also cereal really isn't that nutritious... the only thing it has going for it is the added iron which ends up constipating alot of b___stfed babies anyways.... even baby oatmeal is stripped of fiber and whole grain. I did by baby oatmeal( haven't done it yet) as baby cereal is good for teaching them how to eat off a spoon as you can make it really thin and then thicker as they get more used to it. I definately would not fil up a 4-6 month old with cereal 3 times a day.. but that is just my 2 cents.. to each is own. :o)


L1NDZ - November 12

I am curious...with strictly b___stfed babies...are you feeding your lo cereal first then bf or vice versa?


pregnant76 - November 12

I was going to wait till 6 months but my DD was showing signs that she's ready. In fact, she's been very receptive to learning how to eat. We made it exactly one week of feeding rice cereal. I have been feeding her once a day. I haven't figured out a system yet but I noticed that if I do it when she's hungry then she gets a bit cranky. So I wait an hour after she's been fed w/ bottle of BM. I plan on feeding her 2x a day next week for a couple of weeks. Then at 5 months, I'll introduce her first veggie. I bought a food processor and other stuff this weekend. I can't wait to puree her first foods!


excited2bemama - November 12

For strictly b___stfed babies the LLL recommends that babies be bf first and then offered solids as b___stmilk is to be the primary nutrition. Oz for oz b___stmilk has better nutrition for babies than solid food. Solids are not supposed to fill babies up but rather to teach them to use a spoon, teach them about textures and taste.. etc and compliment b___stmilk or formula- not replace it.


mommybabyboy21 - November 12

I am with excited I was going to wait until 6 months to start food but my ds showed so much interested in food these last two weeks that I gave him taste of my fruits and vegies. (I had given him apple sauce and a banana and sweet potatoes) I haven't given him baby cereal at all. though I did buy a box this weekend and may give it to him in a few weeks. He is turning 5 months old on Thursday. I really wanted to wait off until he was 6 months old but he was grabbing the food off my plate for about three weeks now so two weeks ago is when I gave in. And I don't really give it to him all the time, if we are all sitting down to eat and he acts like he wants to eat too I give him some bites. So for the last two weeks I always make sure I have a mushy fruit or vege on my plate, and I give him bites here and there. He loves it because he thinks he is part of the group. But I have no set schedule or anything like that. I am going to let him be my guide and as long as he is still gaining weight and looks heathly and is sleeping through the night I am happy.


wailing - November 12

I'm also trying to wait until 6 months to really begin solids. But, ds is showing huge signs of wanting table foods. So, I think I will let him eat try some cereal and possibly sweet potatoes or bananas here and there but not really do anything regimented until he is 6-7 months old. I like Mombabyboy21's idea of just putting some on ur plate when u eat so they don't feel left out. EVERYTIME we eat now, he goes nuts trying to get our food!!! Like some ppl have said...at 4-6 months solids are introduced to allow babies to learn how to swallow, maneauver their tongues and eat from a utensil. All complicated skills if you've only ever drank ur food:-) Most ppl feed solids after bottles in the beginning b/c bb's get too frusturated from hunger before and they fill up on something that doesn't have as much nutrients as b'milk or formula.



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