What Did You Used To Comfort Your Baby While Teething

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mommybabyboy21 - October 27

Ok, I heard people talk Hylands Teething Tablets, Tylenol, Orajel, and they all have there pros and cons. I haven't decide yet what to use for my son expect I know he is starting to show signs of pain from teething. I don't want to use hylands teething because of the hallucinogenics, I am not too fond of tylenol because of liver damage if over used for every ache and pain. I was reading up on gentle naturals homeopatic teething drops and amber necklaces. I like what I read but dont know if they are affective. Of course there pages say they are but I was wondering if anyone has used them and what they thought; Or if you know of any other method of helping your child teeth. My baby doesn't like anything plastic in his mouth I have tried all the teethers...he really doesn't like them cold. My baby is wierd in that he doesn't like to put things in his mouth or have things put in there...thanks


DDT - October 27

I've used Gentle Naturals homeopathic teething drops a handful of times. I have no idea if it helped. I have used Tylenol maybe 3x for teething related pain. Again, don't know if it helped. The whining will continue regardless, but I've used them hoping that it took some of the pain away for him. I used/use cold wet cloths, ice in his mesh feeder, frozen teething rings & refrideraged teething rings. That is weird your son doesn't like things in his mouth...how old is he? they usually explore everything with their mouth 3-4 months on. My son (8 months) puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. But of course, every baby is different...and so is your son's personality. Maybe he will warm up to the idea with time. GL!


mommybabyboy21 - October 27

he is 4 month olds


crystal74 - October 30

I used homeopathic teething tablets and a little bit of baby tylenol plus gripe water which is all natural and works for helping baby with tummy troubles, hiccups, teething, and gas and colick too.


staci - October 30

Cold wet wash cloths did the trick for my ds. I would even get it wet and stick it in the freezer for a while then give it to him. You could even try frozen fruit in those mesh things.



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