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jennyr - January 29

My 13 month old dd takes her afternoon nap at 3:00 and at about 3:45 she wakes up. She should sleep for about 2 hours. If I go get her and hold her she is asleep in my arms 2 seconds later but I can't put her back in her crib she wakes immedatly. So I end up holding her for the rest of the hour and 15 minutes or until she wakes up. Not to be rude but that is suppose to be me time and for the past week she has been doing this. What do I do!


^lucy^ - January 29

my 8 months old baby is doing that with me as well.. she's no more napping like a baby should do!


Brittany - January 29

one day she won't even want you around...be happy, they're only babies for so long then you have a few pleasant years with them then they turn into huge mouthy teenagers then they go off to college and get married. Your going to miss holding her in your arms one day, I have a two year old who doesn't like to cuddle as much anymore and I miss it incredibly. Love her up while you still can, me time can wait!


Rabbits07 - January 29

I'm all for cuddling and spending time with baby....but holding her while she's asleep for 1 hour and 15 minutes? I'd rather the spend that time with them while they are awake! And if it weren't for naps I would never get anything done! lol. One of my sons used to be restless like that and after I would get him to sleep I would have to very, very, very (can't stress the very enough) gently place him in the bed ADN then pat his bottom while going, "sshhh, ssshh, sshh....." for about another 5 minutes. I would gradually slow down my pats and sssshhhh's so that it didn't stop all the sudden and startle him awake. I know it sounds silly, but it was all that worked and it beat having to hold him for an hour!


mandee25 - January 30

I agree with both jennyr and Brittany in a way. jennyr, it is hard to just sit and hold the baby for that long when there is so much to get done around the house. My ds is 10 weeks old today and in the morning after his feeding I usually put him in the bouncy chair or swing to sleep while I clean his bottles, start laundry, put wood in the furnace and little tasks that need to be done. In the afternoon I love to cuddle him even while he sleeps and watch some tv. I am someone that has a hard time sitting in one place for long. On the other hand, it is true that one day they won't want to be bothered by us and we will miss the days when we can cuddle and there's nothing they can do about it. lol My ds woke easily when I put him down to sleep 3 weeks ago but now he is doing very well in staying asleep or falling back to sleep on his own.



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