What Do I Get Our 15 Month Old Ds For Val Day

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LisaB - February 9

Can't think of anythign the last thing he needs is another stuffed anima


sophandbob - February 9

I'm not getting my son anything for valentines day, nor do I plan on doing so for future ones. IMO it would be inappropriate as I see valentines day for lovers. Having said that, I'm funny about many of these type of holidays. My partners children, for example, buy their nana (tristan's nan too) a card for mothers day. I already said to my partner that I'm not doing that. I buy one from my df and myself, and this year i'll hopefully get one from tris, but his nana is his nana and gets a grandparents day card - not a mothers day one.


ashtynsmom - February 9

I got dd a really cute outfit to wear to daycare. It isn't really a "gift" I guess, but she doesn't need ANYTHING. Christmas was 2 mos ago, and her first birthday was 2 weeks ago... she has EVERYTHING known to man, I swear!!


ashtynsmom - February 9

In response to sophandbob... my family has always celebrated EVERY holiday with at least a card. For me Valentines day is about love in general, not necessarily lovers. My mom usually got me a card and small gift ( toy when I was small and maybe a movie or a cd when I was older). We still exchange cards now, just not gifts. I know all families are different. My best frineds family only celebrats Christmas and Birthdays with cards or gifts... that is strange to me, but that is how she was raised. I guess everyone is different. :)


piratesmermaid - February 9

My family was like ashtynsmom. In fact we already got my mom's valentine package in the mail. There was an outfit for Gretchen, card, and Pirates of the Caribbean valentines from my younger brother. I think we're going to take Gretchen to the BuildABear here, and let her pick her own out and put an "I love you" sound in it. Stuffed animals were always my fav toy when I was little (dh hates that!)


Steph - February 9

I'm not getting anything for my kids, and never have. Eric and I also don't celebrate V-day. It's never been important to me and IMO if I'm going to get flowers or some lovey gifts, I'd rather it be a surprise than obligiatory. My parents didn't celebrate V-Day either, so that could be where I got it from.


Erin1979 - February 9

Valentine's day is my anniversary. Dh and I get my daughter a card (which I put into her sc___pbook) and i usually get her an outfit. My mom always get my daughter a stuffy. Other than that, I do not send out cards to anyone else. It is my anniversary, and that's where it ends fo us.


kellens mom - February 9

How about taking him to the bakery and letting him pick out a decorated suger cookie of his choice? Something small, but the act of letting him choose will make is special.


mandee25 - February 9

Steph, I have to say I am with you on this one. Ds needs nothing and he is only 11 weeks old. I got dh a card but IMO Valentine's day always ends up disappointing me. I have only had one or two romantic ones and every other one sucked. I would rather get flowers or something similar as a suprise too, not just because it's valentines day.


Sindel - February 10

My son is almost 17 months.. I'm not sure that I will get him anything this year.. I actually hadnt thought about until I seen your post.. My ds likes to play with crayons. maybe a new coloring book or story book I got him that TJ Bearytales talking bear for xmas.. a storybook for that if you have one would be a nice gift..There are always disney or pixar movies they always have some singing or dancing... My son loves music and will dance when he hears it.. Buildabear sounds nice too but I think my son is too young to pick ONE thing out.. lol... Other than that I kinda agree with Steph about it being an obligation.. It seems there is a holiday or some reason or another to have to go out and buy cards or what not.. But it is hard to pa__s up. Hope that gave you some ideas =)


flower.momma - February 10

I am getting my 2-year-old dd a little gift bag with a box of chocolates, a little stuffed animal, some cute valentines socks, stickers etc. My hubby gets her a boquet every year (actually he steals 3 or 4 flowers from my boquet and sticks them ina tiny vase, hehe). For my 2-month-old I will probably not get him much, maybe some new binkies. IMO Valentines Day is for anyone that you love, and I will take any excuse I get to shop for my kids!


flower.momma - February 10

She is also having a Valentines party, which I am so excited about. We are inviting 2 of her little friends over to decorate cupcakes, exchange Valentines and play. I am so stoked!


BaileysMummy - February 10

I agree that valentines day is a day to celebrate with those you love most....which would be my dh and ds. I can't help myself, he is almost 14 months old, but I will be buying him something cute (he might even get a little heart choccie)


shelly - February 10

flower momma,thats lovley that dh buys dd a bouquet,hope she enjoys her party. my dad always used to buy me a valentines card every year when i was little and he always signed it guess who lol, i hadnt thought much about it until this post came up, i did buy a card from ds to dh saying happy valentines day daddy. its nice to commemerate it in some way.


mcatherine - February 10

My husband and I never exchange Valentines gifts, but I do always give a box of chocolates to my oldest son. I think they hit that age where mommy is their sweetheart and then go through that entire school age stage where they exchange Valentines and have parties, so they view it as some sort of holiday. My youngest is only 5 mos and other than the bib my husband bought that says "Mommy, Will you be my Valentine?" I don't plan to get him anything. I do mail Valentine cards to my nieces and nephews with $5 in each so they can go buy a treat and I'll get three cupcakes from the bakery for dessert that night.


k.p.j.e. - February 10

??? It never occured to me to get jack anything...but I like kellens mom's idea of letting him pick out a sugar cookie or something similar. That's cute and would let him know kinda that it's a special day. My husband got me the sweetest little gift -- it's a ring with two little diamonds to represent our marriage, a blue sapphire for Jack, and a pink sapphire for Emma (due in 2 mo.s!!) It is so precious, I can't imagine not celebrating V-day, although before I married my husband I sure didn't give two cares about it.



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