What Do The Mommies Want For Christmas

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monica - December 17

all i want is an amoire for my living room so that when caleb starts to crawl he wont pull the tv on top of him...........


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - December 17

I want a FAMILY PICTURE taken! I would love to have professional pictures taken of me dh and Amaya I am also wanting a Camcorder and a new cell phone (not much huh?)


Narcissus - December 17

diamonds, a maid, a cook, a year long pa__s at a spa, a private jet, a pool and a pool boy, a garden and a hot studly gardener (to look at), to win the lottery... just dreaming a little:)


The real Lissi - December 17

If wishes came true, I'd like to have a body like Beyonce. I would also like a million pounds, a big house in country, and a personal ma__seur that looks exactly like Johnny Depp, mmmmm......................


Heidi - December 17

I'd like for my little girl to be able to get excited about all the awesome toys I bought her but she's only going to be 10 wks old so I think she'll just be more entertained by all the people giving her attention and I'll be playing with all the cool toys!


The real Lissi - December 17

Lol! Yeah, Nadya has a big sack full of toys (from Santa), I wish she could understand about Christmas and get excited. Ah well, we've got all that good stuff ahead of us! :)


Heidi - December 17

Tonight I got all excited cus Frosty the Snowman was on and I watched like five minutes of it and realized I was the only one enjoying it. The DH was pa__sed out on the couch and Emma was staring at the tree so I changed it to Great B___s of Fire. Ha ha! I know next year it's gonna be awesome. I loved Xmas as a kid and all the traditions. Every time I go shopping I buy her another Fisher Price toy. So far she has three under the tree and two packs of the activity ball deals that go with the toys. Hee hee! Her nursery is full of stuff too.


TC - December 17

I wish for an end to hunger and for there to be peace all over the world :<D NOT!!!! I want a new digital camera!!!! BTW, if those other things happen I won't be angry!!!LOL


monica - December 17

TC can you believe at my comapany's christmas party I won a digital camera....If I would of known you wanted one I would of sent it to you since I already have one.... lol :) but I gave it to my mom.......


TC - December 17

Awww thanks Monica. However, my dh told me that we are going digital camera shopping tommorrow. YAYYYYY!!!!!


monica - December 17

btw my DH just got home from Christmas shopping and its not an amoire but the box is from Nordstroms....so I cant wait to open it....


klm - December 18

Actually I would really like a fancy stroller. Is that wrong? I have spent so much time researching baby items I haven't had the time to check out any "Mommy" items. A maid sounds good too!!!


Jbear - December 18

All I want for christmas is to buy everyone's stuff without using my credit cards, and to have a christmas meal that is just me, dh, and kids...no fighting, mess-making, drunken relatives. I usually end up getting my own present in January, once the dust has settled (or the account) from all the christmas shopping and I realize I didn't get anything.


Lesley - December 18

I would like £300 so I can get Ben took for his hearing test. I need a new mobile, I have wanted a digital camera for ages. I'm getting one of them just after christmas though. Ohhh a nice lie in would be nice.


TC - December 18

Wow, Lesley you still have not been able to get the hearing test done yet? I am so sorry to hear that. Have you noticed anything different with his hearing yet?


CEM - December 18

I want a warm pair of slippers, suede or something with nice lamb's wool inside. My feet are way too cold, and socks just aren't cutting it. Don't think it'll happen this year, I'll be lucky if I get a new pair of socks!


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 18

Nope, no test done yet. When I phoned the NHS I asked if theres any chance of gettin him seen earlier. They said my doctor doesn't think its an emergancy! I have never seen my doctor with him so I have no idea how he dare say such a thing. I asked what was wrote and they refused to tell me. I am so annoyed about it. I said to them of course the doctor won't be worried, why would he be, it's not his son. To go private they want £330 and I don't have that kind of money. It's the stupid onsultation that costs the most! I have noticed a bit of a change. He loks at me when I talk, but only when I'm talking loud. I know he can hear, but I want to know how much.



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