What Do You And Your Significant Others Do For Fun

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aurorabunny - February 27

Hi ladies, more and more as Brody is getting older, dh and I find myself completely bored out of our mind in the evenings. He goes to bed around 8ish and I have usually managed to get all my cleaning/laundry done during the day. After he is asleep I get on here and take care of my correspondence responsibilities for the dog rescue that I work with, and after that it's just kinda like ....uh what do we do now?? I remember when we first used to date and we could spend forever just talking and having the best time....I guess that kind of wore off and even though we still love each other to death we are finding ourselves sitting on the couch just staring at each other, LOL. Any suggestions???


punkin01 - February 27

spice it up put on something s_xy have some wine (or whatever you may like) and have some kind of dessert and sit back and feed each other and talk and let that lead you guys to the bedroom..........for some adult fun........good luck


hello - February 27

I may not be the best one to reply cause my daughters dad left hah... However before that happened and up until the night it happened we still held hands on the couch as we watched tv which i thought was pretty cool, 4 years on and a baby later.... We would hold hands or he would have his arm around me always and we would watch a movie or just talk, lay on the couch in each others arms and laugh and be silly. Reading this it makes me wonder why we aren't together hah, seriously though i am sorry you guys are struggling to talk, sometimes we find we talk about the kids and that is it, its an easy habit to get into and i try not to do it now as i was doing it a bit with people... Try what i recommended, hold his hand... turn off the tv or watch a movie.... lay on the couch in each others arms and just talk about the present, reminisce.....I think u either do that or u dont... meaning some people sit miles apart on the couch after a few months of dating even.....we even had a candle on every night.... i am sure someone else will be able to tell you what they do cause mine was what i used to do which until now i forgot about.......dont stop the special stuff ..


eclipse - February 27

Netflix, baby!!! Board games, online games. Other than that, I take a nap and we clean. Very exciting stuff.


spamanda - February 27

My husband and I do a lot of puzzles and we've started to play dominos. lol I sound like I'm about 80, but it's great fun. We turn off the television and actually talk to each other. It's so easy to just focus on the kids and forget about the marriage... we're really trying to focus on our marriage, too. Good luck!


Shea - February 27

Well, most nights, dh is asleep on the couch by 9pm, so not a lot of fun there. We used to play cards a lot though, or dice.


sahmof3 - February 27

We're board game addicts.


Kristin11 - February 27

We watch tv, chit chat, board games, we have the neighbors over to play cards too. We rent movies alot too.


jb - February 27

My dh works nights, but on his off days we play cards. We have done this forever. We also watch tv shows together. On weekends (Friday night and Saturday nights from 8pm-10pm) we play XBOX Live with my parents, my brother, my uncle, and two of my cousins. We have so much fun doing that. It is usually a good way to relax and have fun!


LisaB - February 27

My dh works night so on weekends we catch up on our tv shows, watch movies, play scrable or just goof off. We also try to sneak in some hanky panky. Boring and I love it. This past weekend I ran to the movie theatre and got some popcorn which dh loves we used to go to the movies bout once a week b4 ds so this was a fun little treat. I try to find little ways to do something different.


Emily - February 27

Dh and I joke that we are getting old! When we dated, I was in college and he used to call me all the time. We would talke for two- three hours each night. My ear would be numb due to holding the phone up to for so long. Now we jsut sit and watch TV. We would rather just sit and watch TV or a movie than anythign else. Boring I know, but we like it. so predictiable, so wonderfuly untaxing......we are so old! okay not really but we feel like it and we love it....


olhdw101 - February 27

On a good night we will dust off the old PORN movies...haha lol! But usually we play poker...by the end of the night we are usually laughing our a__ses off at one another ( it gets us talking)...love it!


aurorabunny - February 27

Well thanks guys...by the sounds of things, I guess we need to restock our board game cabinet when he get a little $$$. I'm also relieved to hear that we are not the only ones who are "old"...LOL Our typical evening scenario is me doing a crossword puzzle on the couch while ds snores right next to me, haha!


ninaatk - February 27

YUP - I think parenting makes you feel old! I know I do - its no more going out for a drink on a weekday night - just for fun! Now its "do you want the dishwasher or the laundry?" My husband and I spend 90% of our day tagteaming to get everything done - spend time together and still sleep! Good Luck - I think the key thing is communication!!


Emmie - February 27

We like to get videos or play card games also. We also like to wait until after my son goes to bed and we go sit out side by a fire pit. Its so cozy outside and we sit and talk until it is time for bed.


ash2 - February 27

I love to do board games. We break out the deck of cards every now and then too ! We have favorite shows we like to watch too ..... May i suggest something provacative ?? Go slip into something s_xy and spice things up ! However, there is nothing wrong with just sitting and talking ! Sometimes that is the one thing that keeps marriage going is communication !


aurorabunny - February 27

That is a good idea Ash....I don't mean to TMI but s_x is kind of feeling robotic lately if that makes any sense. I just have so much other stuff on my mind. And Emmie, that sounds really nice what you and your husband do. I've always dreamed of having a big fire pit outside but I always figured b___t wiggling running 80 mph Pitbulls + firepit=911 call. LOL!



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