What Do You Do When You Don T Know Why Baby S Crying

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Emily'sMommy - April 4

When your baby has been fed and diaper changed but they are crying and acting fussy and can't be comforted by holding and soothing them, what do you do? Sometimes my dd will do that whether I'm holding her or when she is laying down and I have no idea why. She's two months old and at times she'll go from smiling and cooing at me to suddenly crying and I can't figure out why. If I give her a bottle of formula she'll drink it up but still acts fussy and I have no idea why. Is this just normal behavior for a baby? Does this happen with your baby also and if so, what do you do?


jg - April 4

The first things to check are (in no particular order): 1. Is your baby hungry 2. Has she been burped sufficiently or is a "bubble" still in there somewhere 3. Is her nappy dry 4. Is she too warm or too cold and 5. Is she displaying tired signs (eg jerky movements, rubbing eyes, yawning, scrunched up face). If all of those things are okay, and she will not be comforted by holding her, then it may pay to just let her lie alone in her cot for a while so she can settle herself. My boy would get really wound up when he was little if I held him all the time and rocked him, but if I left him alone he would settle down (sometimes after crying for a few minutes) and sleep. Some babies get wound up by being held and rocked while others love it.


Jamie - April 4

Try a change of scenery...if my daughter gets fussy a I can't figure out why, I'll take her into a different room or outside - it usually works.


Ginny - April 4

Sometimes my Baby Girl does that if her tummy is upset. I'll try burping her, and occasionally giving her gas drops. They work great. And she gets over stimulated somtimes, too. I figured it out one day when I got so frustrated that I realized I needed to just put her down before I lost my temper. I put her down and walked outside for some fresh air and to escape the sound of crying - just for a minute - then I came back in and she had put herself to sleep.


MJM - April 4

You know all babies usually have a fussy period during the day. My son does this about everyday. Nothing makes him happy, unless we walk around with him and sometimes that does not even work.


Bonnie - April 4

Most babies definately have a fussy period of the day, usually the evenings. Plus, no matter what you do tehre are going to be times when you cannot console your baby. This is normal. It is normal for them to cry 1-3 hours everyday. There is also the colic factor which peakes at 6 weeks and usually disappears by 3 months...........that being said, if you notice a particular pattern, like always fussing just after a feed then there may be something else going on.


Erin1979 - April 4

I agree with Ginny. My daughter used to get overstimulated and just cry. I found that if I put her in the ba__sinet or in her bouncy chair she would usually settle down after a bit. Some kids (just like some adults) need some alone time!! My dd used to get an upset tummy too usually from gas. We found that the oval drops worked best with her. Every kid is different. I think you have to try a few things to see what works best for you. Good Luck!


kirsti - April 4

i know this may sound stupid but she may also be teething my son cut his first tooth at 6 weeks check her gums see if there hard if so get soem teethign powder or gel i find the powder works best xxx



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