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mosley12 - February 15

since we are back at my parents for atleast a month, i need to buy ds somehwere to sleep. last night i made him a pallet on the floor with a bunch of comforters and he was fine, but i dont want him there everynight. we have his pack and play, but it just seems so umcomfortable. im also not wanting to spend a ton of money because im trying to save right now too, incase we are on our own for a bit, so should i just buy another crib, but a cheaper one? or should i get a co sleeper? im so confused! lol


mcatherine - February 15

My son hated his pack and play until I bought a padded cover for it. Now it's nice and soft (but not too soft..). I paid around $40 for it at BRU. I read your other post so I know you're not sure how long you will be gone, but if you aren't anticipating longer than a month are you sure you want to buy another crib? I mean with it also comes the mattress and sheets. I guess you could always check out baby consignemt shops to see if they have anything cheaper. Good luck.


mosley12 - February 15

thats what i thought. i figured we could always just resale it or my parents could keep it here, because even if dh and i stay together, we'll be here in a few months.


ashtynsmom - February 15

Look at a consigment shop for a crib.. mabye you can find one pretty cheap, or use the pack and play... He will be fine.


kellens mom - February 15

Do they have a Craig's list for your area? Maybe someone has one they don't need. I know we don't have a Craig's list site where I am from...but my brother lives near seattle so he takes advantage of it.


rl- - February 15

well I would say use the pack n play just put a nice comforter in the bottom my mom takes care of my ds for me while i work and that is what she has for his naps and he loves it.


Emily - February 15

My dd sleeps in her pack and play while at my mom's. She watches the girls for me three days a week. My dd takes two naps a day and sometimes she watched them overnight and she sleeps there then also. She takes better naps at my moms than at home it seems. AS long as your son is sleeping in it, it would be fine. Also you may look into a soft cover for it if he doesn't like it.


3babies - February 16

I know what you mean about the packnplay being uncomfortable, but what I do is use a folded single bed comforter (or what ever you have, over the mattress of the packnplay, then put a fitted cot sheet over the whole bit so that the extra padding you are providing cant become loose (which means lo could get wrapped up in it). It is comfy, and you can use as little padding as you like. I have always done this when staying as my parents place for a week or so and they have slept ok. Good luck!



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