What Do You Mix Rice Cereal With

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YC - May 15

My dd is 21 weeks and we will start cereal today YAY!!! Just wondering what do YOU mix your cereal with? B--tmilk, formula or water? My dd is formula fed so there are only two choices for me. Just curious. Also did your little one get constipated after you introduced rice cereal. My daughter is soooo regular (every morning between 8:30-10:30 LOL) I am a little nervous about messing up her schedule ha!ha! Thank ladies!!!


pbj - May 15

I mix mine with formula, 1 tbsp cereal and I started with about 3-4 tbsp formula. She will more than likely get off schedule on her bowel movements. Anytime you introduce a new food you will notice a change. Cereal makes my LO a little backed up, but she was never uncomfortable. Veggies make her a bit more regular. Don't be worried, their systems have to adjust and it's normal for it to change.


Bonnie - May 15

Formula for me. I started putting a little bit of pear juice in it because he got very backed up. (He had pear juice before so I knew he wasn't allergic). Mason's GI has us using a little milk of magnesia when he backs up while we test him out. Mason LOVED the oatmeal the best and that one actually made him go. We just finished testing out barley cereal so I think I will put him back on oatmeal today since he liked it and he pooped on it.


Bonnie - May 15

BTW...get out the camera YC, it is so cute when they first try food. Mason literally wore most of it! One week later though he is a pro already :D http://media.putfile.com/Masons-First-Cereal


BaileysMummy - May 15

I mix mine with formula. Bailey started when he was around 4 months and got sick of it when we were introducing new tastes. I now add some pureed fruit and he loves it. He did not have any changes with bowel movement.


SonyaM - May 15

I mix two scoops ( I use the scoop from the formula can) of rice cereal to two ounces of prepared formula. Now that we are doing fruit, I also mix in about half a jar of fruit too. Hope this helps.


Bonnie - May 15

Good idea Sonya!...YC, how did the cereal go over? :D


CarolA - May 16

we use apple juice, so it tastes better, and our little one is more willing to eat it. they also make a banana flavor one, which i can make with just water and he likes.


Bonnie - May 16

BTW...Sonya, how much is one of those scoops? 1 oz?


SonyaM - May 16

Bonnie, I am not sure how much one scoop weighs. I was just experimenting trying to figure out a "formula" so when hubby makes it, it is the same amount as I make. Oh, by the way, I tried to look at your video of your Mason but I couldn't get it to work. I didn't want you to think I wasn't interested or that I didn't try.


lynnstress - May 16

YC, I started cereal with dry formula and warm water, followed by a small bottle of juice (2 oz. or less). Now it's 1-1/2 Tbsp juice plus water to consistency, still followed by juice. Veggies or fruit are follwed by a small bottle of water. I have not tried other grains yet, but probably will next month!


YC - May 16

Hi Bonnie- The cereal went ok. She definitely wore more than she swallowed. LOL!!! I mixed 1 tbsp of cereal with 3 tbsp of formula. We have to take things really slow because she has had some tummy trouble. She is 5 months old tomorrow and still can't drink more than 4 oz at a time. Really tiny tummy. Anyways she didnt like the taste at all. We will defnitely keep trying though. We won't start veggies for a little while. We will do both rice cereal and oatmeal first. Keeping my fingers crossed on the constipation issue but the ped. had us buy some pear juice just in case. DOes anyone know how long we feed them cereal in addition to the other foods. Do they get this until they start eating table foods?


Bonnie - May 16

I read cereal is actually 2 years! I think you could vary it though. Mason has just been starting out too. We went through the rice cereal first. He ate it but wasn't crazy about it and got constipated. The oatmeal he LOVED and that makes them go. The barley was in between. I just now started prunes (I just went with this one first for constipation issues, after this I go back to veggies starting with carrots). Everyday he gets a cereal (I just mix the oatmeal and barley and leave out the rice....I base his cereal on his poop, rofl). He gets cereal 3 times per day and the prunes once a day (I split the jar between breakfast and dinner and he only gets cereal at lunch. When he starts carrots I will stop giving him cereal at lunch I think). It took him a good week to get the hang of swallowing. He finally learned to stick his hands in his mouth to help himself swallow. I gave him my finger as well at first which helped. When we were testing rice cereal I did use a teensy bit of pear juice as well. I knew he wasn't allergic to it as we had used it once before for constipation. BTW...NEVER give prunces when they are wearing white!! lol I learned this yesterday! http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e60/BCreevy/22-6051506.jpg (the only dash is between 22-6)


AmberLee - May 17

OMG cute prunes!


YC - May 17

2 years for cereal. YUCK! Poor babies LOL!!! Bonnie how long did you go on one cereal before you went to the next? We are on the third day of rice cereal and so far no signs of allergies or constipation. I would like to go a week on the rice cereal and then a week on the oatmeal. We won't do barley. Also do they sell a baby food jar of prunes? I want to get some just to be on the safe side. We got a whole meal plan from the dr. Week one she will get cereal just in the am. Week two in the a.m. and the evening, week three cereal in the morning, veggie in the afternoon, cereal in the evening. It goes on and on from there adding in fruit and juice as the weeks go on. We have to take it slow with her.


Bonnie - May 17

I'm going the same right. Ther ecommended time is 3-5 days or 5-7 days if they are real young or have allergies. I've been going about 4 days and then moving on. I was going to skip barley as well, but someone told me it made them poop so I used it. Then I read that it's better than rice cereal, but oatmeal is best for pooping (I can't believe I feed my kid based on his poop...~sigh~). Mason loves oatmeal most, then barley and isn't that keen on rice cereal. But he'll eat anything, if they made a sweaty feet flavor he would probably eat it! Gerber makes the prunes in a jar. That was the onoly one I did out of order, just because I wanted to keep him "flowing". Next xomes ornage veggies, then yellow ones, then green. Then fruit, then meat. His GI is making us follow that order. It took him about a week to get the hang of it, but now he LOVES to eat his solids. I can't wait to try the carrots on friday. :D...Post up some pics!


Bonnie - May 17

route, not right....sheesh I cannot type!



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