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Happy Momma - October 6

Is it necessary to warm the baby's bottle if you use room temperature water?? Do you think this would settle an upset stomach?


chelsey - October 6

Room temperature is still too cold for my little guy. I warm it up enough so that when I test it on my wrist, it feels like nothing. Not warm or cool. I think not warming up the bottle can cause tummy aches. Lots of ga__sy bubbles. My son wont even swallow a sip, if its not warm. He just spits it out of his mouth, like a fountain!


d - October 7

Actually even for adults, it is better to drink warm things than to drink cold liquids because cold stops the intestines from moving and functioning. Even in surgery dr.'s throw cold water to make the intestines stop moving. But when you drink warm liquids then intestines are moving and doing thier normal finctioning with food. So, yes I would have the milk/formula warmed up so that it feels warm on your wrist.


Jamie - October 7

I was told by the nurses/pediatricians at the hospital that room temperature is fine, but no colder. I personally haven't tried it as I b___stfeed, but my husband says he warms the expressed b___st milk til it's warm to the touch, and then will let it naturally cool until our daughter will take it.


Greta - October 7

My baby was in NICU for a few days, I never saw them once warm any bottle for any baby. It really depends on the individual baby, if your baby likes warm then thats what you do. My baby could careless what the temp is as long as she is fed.


Amber - October 7

We never warmed my daughters bottle she is 3mnths. We use the nursery water at room temperature to make her bottles. Ive warmed her bottles like 3 times and that was cause I pre-made them but I find it easier to make it on the spot with room temp water instead of going through all that trouble in warming it. Its even easier if you have the powder in the bottles so all you have to do it pour the water in and shake/stir the formula up.



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