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Jodi - May 29

okay, I've been wanting a tattoo for a really long time, but never really knew what I wanted and I think I've finally figured it out, but I want some opinions first. I want to get his footprints for the hospital and make a much smaller scale of them and have them tattooed on top of my foot or on my back maybe on the upper right side. What do you guys think? I also want to have his name put under the footprints. It's going to be a small tattoo, I don't want anything big or tacky. Give your thoughts about this please. Thank you


SonyaM - May 29

I am not a "tatoo person" but I LOVE that idea. It is really a cute idea. I think I would put it somewhere else, like mabye at hip level or something. It is a really sweet idea. Let us know what you decide and how it goes.


Mellissa - May 29

that's a great idea. :) before my hubby left for iraq we went and got matching tattoos of a 4 leaf clover with an "R" in the middle (for our daughter, rylee). I got mine on my left shoulder blade and my hubby got his over his heart. :)


YC - May 29

I LOVE BODY ART!!!! Go for it. It's funny you are about the 10th person I have heard that wants this exact tattoo. I would shrink the feet down but not to small because skin stretches, shrinks, etc and you want to be able to make out what it is for a while. I have several tattoos and my mom always says "You're not going to like those when you're 80". She's not a body art person. I tell her "I think I am going to have more to think about than some wrinkly old tattoos when I am 80" lol!!!


HannahBaby - May 29

i LOOOOVE tattoos. I have 7 (one on my foot of my daughters name and a b___terfly) I love the footprint idea but dont go to small.......ive seen some medium sized foot prints that i really didnt like, they look kinda blurry when you go to small because its really all black....I love the idea but i would do a larger scale good luck


jessb - May 29

Well, I have 5 tattoos so I am all for them as long as you have thought it out and are sure you will want it forever. Sounds very cute and not tacky at all. My husband is thinking of getting our daughters name and birthday on his arm.


Jodi - May 29

Thank you for your input, all of you. I've been wanting a tattoo for a very long time, I've been thinking about what I want for a really long time. I know for sure that I want one and I know if I get his feet tattoed on me I won't regret it! It's somthing that I will cherish forever. I want to get them smaller than his actually footprints, but I don't want them so small that they look like black blobs. I'm so excited about getting them and I know for sure that I really do want them. It won't be for a little while b/c my car is going to be needing a new alternator or something, but I know that's what I want. I've got a birthday coming up on june 4th and my mom asked me what I wanted and I told her I want a tattoo, so I hope that's what she gets me!! : ) I can't wait. I know too that it can't hurt too bad to get one, I delievered my son and nothing can be more painful than that! Thanks again!!


MJM - May 29

Just please beware that the top of the foot is VERY painful. I have 6 tattoos and the top of the foot was hell. The back was no big deal.


Marlene - May 30

I think you should go for it as long as you know you dont want anymore children b/c if you have more you would have to get something for them too. It sounds like a cute tattoo though!!


punkin01 - June 4

what a great idea !!!!i love it i have 2 kids boy and a girl and i want a tattoo to show their names ....but i have been trying to think of what to get so it is clear that they are my kids and not an ex and a female lover or something freeky like that i already have a tattoo on my shoulder blade...i will tell u closer to the bone it hurts like *&%$# but the farther away from the bone it dont hurt much at all i laughed and joked with the guy doing mine 90 % of the time the outline was the worst for me can i "steal" ur idea for mine?


Jodi - June 5

Hey punkin01, go right ahead. I think it's awesome and still haven't got mine, but can't wait too! I don't mind if you steal my idea as I'm sure it wasn't mine to begin with...haha!!


ash2 - June 6

sounds great, but just think if you have another child where would you put there footprints?



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