What Do You Use To Clean Baby Toys

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HEATHER - January 30

Just wondering how often you clean baby toys (ones that cant go into the washer or dishwasher) and what do you use to clean them, Im always so afraid to use products on them just incase I dont get it all back off. But all the slobber taht gets on everything...Id like to make things sanitary often.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - January 30

I just wipe them with water and steralising solution


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - January 30

I use clorox wipes like there is no tomorrow. I clean everything with them, I wait until they have dried (like 30 seconds) and then give it back to her. She has been fine with them.


Grantsmom - January 30

I saw a commercial for a new clorox spray called clorox for everything. It's supposed to be safe and gentle enough for use around kids pets and food.


Chelsey - January 30

Clorox wipes are awesome!! I use them for everything!! If we are out and about, and a toy gets dirty, I give it a wash with a baby wipe, then rub on some hand sanitizer, then wipe it again with a baby wipe. Hot soapy water does the trick too.


Sophie's Grandma - January 30

Good old fashion hot water and dish soap should do it. New (and used) toys always get a glurp of household bleach in the water. Rinse with boiling hot water from the ketle and most important air dry! I'm all about keeping things very clean and sanitzed but, remember that a few germs will not harm the baby. Some are nesa__sary to build the babies immune system.


jg - January 30

I use sterilising liquid and water to wipe them, but sometimes spray them (lightly) with Glen 20 as well. Are Clorox wipes an American product? I made the mistake of boiling a teething ring once - my son now has a teething ring with one warped (melted) section! Woops LOL!


Beth - January 30

Can I add to this....are you guys talking about cloth toys or stuffed animals. Alot of my sons cloth toys say wash by hand only. What should I use?


Chelsey - January 30

Beth, just use hot soapy water for toys that are washable by hand. Rinse them well and let them air dry.


hey - January 30

it says on the clorox wipes that it's hazardous to humans and animals you should be rinsing it off not letting babies chew on stuff after you clean it with it!!! that is very unsafe and you should always read labels!!!!!!


Hi - January 30

Vinegar and water is good alternative if you do not want to use harsh chemicals. Vinegar kills germs, bacteria, and mold. Best of all it's a eco and people friendly alternative. Just mix it half and half with water.


Erin - January 31

You should also remember that antibacterial solutions are WAY over used these days. How is a kid supposed to build their immune system if they are not exposed to some germs....they are just going to get sick when you send them to school, or daycare. Hot soapy water is best in my eyes.


Heidi - January 31

Hot soapy water or bleach mixed with water if it's a toy they'll chew on or whatnot. I just got a used exersaucer and just washed it down with dawn and water.


CEM - January 31

Hot soap and water. Preferably organic, biodegradable soap made with all-natural ingredients. And I agree, anything anti-bacterial is pretty scary. Clorox wipes are sort of pointless when there's bacteria all over the place AND floating through the air. Not to mention all the good, immune-strengthening bacteria that also get killed!


CEM - January 31

*hot water and soap* DUH!!


Jamie - January 31

I dunno, CEM - I stuck my soap in the microwave...lol...j/k


Shelly - January 31

Ha ha,I am not letting this one go either CEM,hot soap huh? : )Any ways,I clean Jesse's toys with pampers wipes especially made for cleaning baby toys,if I am out I will use vinegar and water...and if I am out of those I guess I can always microwave the soap,right Jamie? heh heh!!



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