What Does Your 4 Month Old Do All Day

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Pete - August 17

where do you put your baby during the day? mine wants to stay on me all the time. i have bought a mat for her with toys dangling down, but she does not seem interested in them. i also tries tv yn dhe stays for 5 minutes. in her sitter she cries and when i hold her and walk around with her she is just fine!! i cannot go on like this, she is 7.5 kilos and i cannot do anything around the house!! anyone has some advice or suggestions????


Rabbits07 - August 17

Some babies just get attached. They make carriers or slings that you can tote them around in if you'd be willing (my mind was always more willing than my shoulders and back). Does she have a swing or exersaucer? My ds (4 1/2 months old) loves his swing when sleepy and his exersaucer to play in....when he's awake he doesn't like to be in a reclined position on his back so he no longer likes his bouncy chair. He has just started getting to where he cries if I leave his eyesight during the day, but if he's in his exersaucer he doesn't mind. Try to keep your daughter in the same room with you so she can see you. You may have to move her from one thing to another through the day as some babies get bored easily. There is nothing wrong with letting her cry some when you have to get something done either. You can put her in her crib or somewhere that you know she is safe and let her cry a little (turn on some music or get some headphones so you don't get overwhelmed with the crying)...I know that may sound mean and of course it's not something that you'd want to do all day, but as long as baby is safe, not in pain, and not hungry or needing changed, there is nothing wrong with letting her cry a little.


Pete - August 17

how can i put her in an exersaucer when she cannot sit unaided? i tried but she falls on her face or on the sides eac time.


krnj - August 17

Hi I stuff blankets behind my ds so that he's a little more stable in his exersaucer.


Gigi19 - August 17

according to my Pediatrician, you shouldn't put a baby in an exasuarcer until the childs stomach muscles are developed. Four months is still to young. Pete, I have found the swing to be my best friend. My DD has a papsan swing from Fisher Price. It's amazing. I haven't met a baby that didn't like it (and lately me and my friends have been going through a baby boom here). Try it and see what happens.


cae - August 17

HI Pete. Do you have a swing? We could not live without our, seriously. We got a swing that has toys attatched across the lap that my LO loves to play with them. Buying the swing was definaltey a smart buy for us.


Pete - August 17

ieve i heard that anexersaucer is bad for her back before she can sit unaided, so i will not use it. i might buy a swing though, however till what age/weight can they use it? i have a big girl, she is 7.5 kilos and i dont want to buy a swing to use it only for a few weeks.


bbelmore - August 17

I bought my son an exersaucer at 3 motnhs because he just hates lying down, wants to move. Actually, since getting him the exersaucer, he has learned how to sit unaided for several minutes ( of course I'm right beside him with my hands there) Honestly, it has been a life saver. Rabbits, my son sounds exactly like yours. It's the only way I can get anything done!Pete, my son is also a bigboy, at 19 pounds, and I too will no longer by anything that is good only until 25 pounds, they are unsafe for babies who can roll or move with force, they can tip them over. I would ask your pediatrician if he/she feel confident that your daughter can sit in one, and if he/she says its okay, think about getting one.


Rabbits07 - August 17

I put in a call to my pedi (after a google search to confirm what I read was correct) and was told that all that is required for the exersaucer is good head and neck control.....they do not need to be able to sit una__sisted as the exersaucer has an enclosed seat. Also, they do not need to have developed stomache muscles....the exersaucer actually helps develop these muscles as the baby practices holding his/her upper body upright. We started putting Mason in his about 2 weeks ago (at 4 months). We started out with rolled up towels in front and behind him. He has gained great muscle strength in both his tummy and legs in the past two weeks as he now no longer requires the towels and he alternates standing with sitting while in it (he usually spends about 10 mins. at a time in it up to 3x a day). Mason does really good in it and loves that play time. Swings are good...I think most of them have a weight limit of 25 lbs., but not positive on that. Mason likes his swing, but not as much now that he's learned there are other things to do! He even grabs a hold onto the tray of his swing and pulls himself forward so he can get a better look at things. Maybe he's just extra strong or something??? I don't know, but I do strongly recommend the saucer once you're comfortable with it.


Cabbie - August 17

My ped acutally encourages the exosaucer once head control is mastered. Just put blankets in the back for support. It really has helped my first two children. I started them at 4 months and they loved it. My ds is only 11 weeks so he hasn't started yet. The bumbo seat is also wonderful to encourage sitting up and I already have him in it for a few minutes at a time each day just as I do tummy time. I use what I call my ds's "stations" during the day: swing, my bed to watch the ceiling fan, his crib to watch the mobile (usually around nap time), bouncy seat, Baby Einstein video, and baby gym. We rotate during the day when I am not able to hold him (cooking, cleaning, working with my other two kids, etc).


Annette - August 17

At 4 my son entertained himself well with the Baby Einstein exersaucer. Once they have good head control should not be a problem. Maybe you can borrow one and check if she likes it and then buy your own, a friend of mine actually bought hers at a second hand store (I think they are called Once upon a child) and paid like 20 dollars for it. At 4 months she is also big enough for a jumperoo... I don' t have one but I have heard they are great.


ash2 - August 17

i actually have a 3 month old, and the only thing that really entertains him is my 3 year old !! if he is busy, then i use the bouncer that has toys hanging down or his swing. he is really a good baby so he doesnt require much...however, my 3 year old required LOTS of attention. luckily he was the only one i had at the time so i gave all my attention to him. a good idea would be to clap your hands in front of his face, or sing to him, or just make sure he can see you and actually TALK to him.if you are doing the dishes, sit him behind you and just start talking about anything to him like he was 4 years old, and he may like it. also a boppy pillow is awesome.


melissa g. - August 17

yah, having baby "stations" is a great idea -- and if you dont have a swing or an exersaucer, RUN to get one! now that my dd is 6 months, we got a jumparoo as well. The one thing that my dd REALLY loves and helps occupy her, is going for walks in the stroller, she looooooves the stroller and going out to look at things. we have to go for some kind of outing or walk everyday, otherwise she would get bored at the house all day! it seems like right around 4 months was when my dd started to enjoy her playmat, hang in there, your dd might get interested yet!


meme - August 17

I mostly entertain my son one-on-one with him standing on me. I read to him, sing, talk back & forth, make faces, etc. But occasionally I can put him in his aquarium bouncy chair, the Exersaucer, or under his dangly toys on the Tiny Love lights & sound mat. He has tummy time sometimes, plus he sleeps on his tummy during naps & at night. We have music on a lot, all kinds. I agree with the idea that you keep her within sight for her emotional comfort. Babies this age are still somewhat getting used to the idea that they aren't literally part of us anymore.


melissa g. - August 18

i second meme's thoughts -- my dd loves it when i sing to her and when we read books together. singing i did from day 1 almost and we started looking at books at 4 months. she also loves "baby pilates", which consists of me moving her little legs up and down or side to side, and gently rolling her to and fro. oh -- another neat toy she likes is something a friend gave me called Mozart Magic Cube -- it plays different songs and you can press a panel and hear individual instruments play, its very neat


bbm - August 18

Where do you buy the Mozar Magic Cube?? It sounds really cool.


KLC - August 18

Pete my son is 4 1/2 months old and LOVES his exersaucer. I put it in front of a full length mirror so he can see himself and he just goes nuts!!! he loves to watch himself and chatters nonstop. He also loves his swing and his once a day baby mozart video.



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