What Does Your 7 Month Old Do

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LollyM - March 6

Hey ladies, my little Ava is 7 months today! *tear* she's so big! Anyway, I was wondering what other babies her age are doing. She sits alone very well, babbles, saying, ma, da, ba, la and wa sounds, she says Mama, and Dada, can put some weight on her legs and stand for short periods, and she threw her first real tantrum today! lol (daddy took the cell phone away from her, and she DID NOT like that at all!) She is not crawling yet, but she acts like she wants too. ps. do you give your babies juice yet? my ped. said nothing about it last month.


CyndiG - March 6

Carlie is 7 1/2 months. She's crawling all over the place. Can sit up on her own from all fours or any position for that matter. She's trying to pull up on everything, but doesn't realize she can't stand yet, so she ends up turning loose and falling. She says da da, and ma ma if she's really serious about getting my attention. She says nan nan for the b___by, LOL! I call it ninny so it comes out of her nan nan. She doesn't really pitch any fits yet. I'm sure that's just around the corner! She claps but not really because she's happy or anything, I think she just likes the sound. She hates juice and fruit, loves veggies, and crackers. She'll fight you for a fudgesicle! LOL! Oh yeah, and no teeth yet. I love her so much!


Emily - March 6

Marcy is 8.5 mos but when she was 7 mos she was sitting well, crawling, starting to pull herslef up. She rolled over and slept on her belly. she could get to a sitting position when she was craleing or rolling around....she could make the mamamama, and dadada sounds but didn't really connect them to anyone yet. she had no teeth. Sounds liek Ava is right on track. Congrats and condolances to you.....it is so fun yet sad when they grow up huh? And my doc did tell me to start on juice ( alittle ) at four mos. She still wont take it. She wont take it staright, watered down, warm, cold, room temp. she wont even take it if I try to sneak it in and make cereal with juice instead of milk. She will kinda play around and suck on a sippy cup with juice in it but wouldn't take it out of a bottle like her sister did.


AnytimeLittleone - March 6

Hi Lolly.... My dd Evangeline is a week older than Ava... as of now, she has 2 teeth with one coming through. She can sit very well, and go from sitting to tummy and then proceed to roll all over the floor to grab toys. She will get up on all 4's and rock, and throw herself at a toy.. but no crawling as of yet. She can fully support herself in a standing position for quite a long time if we a__sist her, or lean her against an ottoman or coffee table. When she gets upset, she'll scream "Maaaaaaaaaaaa!" which drives my husband insane, because he desperately wants her to say "Dada". Oh.. and she dances! If shes on the floor playing independently, and a song comes on that she likes, she'll "bop" to the beat... its so cute! I cant wait for the crawling.. anytime now!


EricaG - March 6

Abby is 7.5 months old and she has perfected the arts of crawling, sitting up, and pulling to a standing position on EVERYTHING, (and even more importantly, getting down from the standing position without falling!, lol.) but she did all of that before she was 7 months. She has 3 teeth, one of which she just cut yesterday. they're all on the bottom. Right now she is working on "cruising" the furniture and occa__sionally she'll let go of whatever she's standing by and stand alone for a few seconds, I think she's trying to get her balance for walking. I've thought that she may have said some words before like "ma-ma" or "Pa-Pa" but she doesn't say them a lot so I don't know if she knows what they mean. She LOVES to bounce, she'll sit on anyone's knee and bounce all day. About the juice, I don't give Abby juice and I just really don't see a reason to.


Ca__sie06 - March 6

hey Lolly! Connor will be 7 months old tomorrow! He is sitting up also. He has been throwing tantrums for quite a while though! haha. He is strong-willed like his mommy. He babbles a lot and can say momma, dadda, and bye-bye. (He says bye-bye constantly!!) He stands up all the time holding on to me and it is almost impossible to get him to ever sit down. Thank God for walkers! He is crawling a little. He still crawl and scoots his forehead along the ground some but the past few days he is picking it up more often. He has the 2 bottom teeth and 1 of his top teeth just came through the other day. He is starting to try to pull up on things but hasnt figured it out yet. I give him some of the clear juices. His favorite is white grape. He gets about 2 ounces of juice mixed with 2 ounces of water every day in his sippy cup. He loves it!


LollyM - March 7

hey ladies, It really is an exciting age =) I forgot to say that Ava does the bouncing also and it's the cutest =) She also has 2 teeth and two more on the way! I can feel them under there! She snuggles allot now which is just the sweetest. She actually has given me a hug before!! It just melted my heart to pieces! Also, I want to give her those baby puff snack things so she has something to munch on while were eating (she tries to grab at our food! lol) but I am afraid she'll choke. The ped. said that when she can chew with her gums, she can have them, but I can't tell... any one know about this? CindiG, what kind of crackers do you give lo?


LollyM - March 7

Oh, Ava has also learned how to wave at people, how to click her tongue, play peek-a-boo and give hugs =) I was on some other posts that reminded me =) They do so much, it's hard to think about everything they can do at once!


Mellissa - March 7

LollyM, Diesel turned 7 months on the first, and he's doing just about the same as Ava. He finally figured out how to go from sitting to laying on his tummy. Now he's trying to climb the stairs! He crawls all over the place, and chases after Rylee when she rides her "carebears" car around the house.He's learning to wave at people, and he "talks" all the time. His separation anxiety is already kicking in, and when he sees me leave the room he freaks out. I've been giving him those puffs for a couple weeks now. When I started out, I broke them in half and fed them to him myself to make sure he didn't choke. then I started letting him eat them whole, and feeding himself. it took him a while to get them into his mouth, then he figured out that if he grabs a whole handful, one is bound to make it in!! Now he eats them like a pro. I give him juice every now and then.. but mostly when i think he's constipated.


Ca__sie06 - March 7

hey Lolly! I gave Connor those puffs last night for the first time. He looked at me in complete shock when he put them in his mouth and I didnt take them from him! haha. He used to getting into stuff he cant have and me having to take it away. He did really well with them, he seemed a little confused at first but once he ate a couple he got the hang of it. (I must confess, I ate about as much as he did! lol. I love those things!)



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