What Finger Foods Are Your Six Month Olds Eating

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joeysmom - June 25



Bonnie - June 25

I can't answer this but I would like to know as well. Mason is 5 months now and liking thicker consistencies and I have no idea when to try finger foods. I a__sume when he can fully sit up?


LisaB - June 25

Ds started Gerber puffs, wagon wheels and Cheerios at 6 months. Now at 7 months not much else added, am looking forward to more responses


SonyaM - June 25

Mason is almost 9 months months and we recently started cheerios, small bites of sliced cheese, gerber freeze dried apple bites, small bites of "real" turkey sandwhich meat, pancakes and noodles. Can't think of anymore and I know Mason is a bit older but my first son started these much earlier so I think it just depends on the child.


Ang - June 25

I would like to know too - my ds is 6 months and want him to try feeding himself soon even if it is more of a mess than a feeding :) Where does all that time go huh?? LOL


Meredith - June 26

This is pretty much the same question I just asked in another thread. Guess I should've read first then asked.


babyO - June 26

I have given my son the veggie puffs and bits of fruits and veggies. Last night he had some homemade chicken soup and he loved it. Also I make him some "sopita"...oh and he also loves chicken legs (after the meat is take off of course)


Sophia - June 26

Wow! 6 month olds eat finger food??! I'm still giving my 7 month old fruit- and veggie-purees and cereal !


S - June 27

My dd is 9 months old and I started her on fruit puffs at about 5 months. At that time I was still feeding her regular jar food. I started "finger foods" at about 7 months....Beechnut makes diced fruits,veggies, and meat...it's perfect for them to start out on. I also buy FROZEN veggies like string beans, peas, carrotts, etc. I boil them and then cut them up to size. I say FROZEN because can stuff has soooo many preservatives in it. Frozen is MUCH better! I also buy the "lil entrees" I think Gerber makes them and I just heat it up and dump it on her high chair...keeps her busy for a long time!!! Gives me free time!


S - June 27

I would like to add that I still feed my dd jar food. She gets fruits and veggies all the time. As long as you can keep them on the jar food and fruits and veggies the healthier they will be.


Christy - June 27

I haven't tried finger foods with my 7.5 month-old yet. I am doing the same thing as Sophia- cereal and pureed fruits and veggies.


brmi0202 - June 27

My dr told us not to start our son on finger foods until around 9 months. I would love it if he could eat some finger foods, but im too scared that hes not ready! How are your 6 month olds handling the finger foods?



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