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wailing - February 14

There are so many different answers to this. Please just let me know what ur are feeding ur lo's at 8 months. My pedi said yogurt and cottage cheese was ok now. What else? When can u do beans and tofu? Can u do all cheeses if ur doing cottage cheese? Do u have to wait the allotted 3 days to look for signs of allergies?


kimberly - February 14

At 8 months I pretty much fed my boys whatever they were able to chew. As long as it doesn't have lots of salt, sugar, or persavatives it should be fine. They can have meat a 8 months so I am sure tofu is fine too. But, yes you still need to be careful about allergies. As far as I know no eggs, chocolate, nuts, or honey the first year.


cubbie - February 14

I started giving tofu, lentles, pasta, couscous, chicken, meat, fish at 7 months, but held off with yogurts, cheeses and egg yolks until 9 months, my dd is almost 11 months and since 9 months has eaten everything except egg whites, chocolate, nuts and honey.


excited2bemama - February 15

Keira eats most things that she can pick up and self feed with the except of anything that has dairy and wheat.. I tried cheese with her and it didn't go over well.. but she has tummy issues so you could do yogurt and cheese if you wanted too... Keira eats chicken, beef, rice pasta, rice, oat and rice cereals ( regular cold cereal.. like cheerois but made with oats), beans, lentils,I don't like to give her stuff with added sugar or corn syrup so I buy the organic unsweeted cold cereals... Seriously you should let ty try to self feed if he knows how to handle non purred food.. keira LOVES feeding herself!!! Its so funny. She loves food off our plates so we let her have that as long as it doesnt have dairy or wheat or nuts or eggs or choc etc. She does eat stuff with seasonings ( i dont cook with salt) but herbs etc she will eat. She likes humus..


wailing - February 15

Thanks guys. I've been branching out and giving him finger foods like breads and stuff but didn't know what was safe or not. Yay, now I can try to do some different things. What kinds of Pasta do u give them (shapes, ingredient?)


excited2bemama - February 15

I buy rotini and just tear it into peices..whole wheat.. before we cut out the wheat and now rice pasta


britt_m - February 15

I have made my own baby food and have went by a few sites. This one pretty much has it all in one, homemade-baby-food-recipes (dot) com/6-to-9-month-baby (dot) html


wailing - February 16

Great Website



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