What Happened To This Site

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Kimmer23 - August 27

This used to be an active site. I used to love chatting with everyone on here. Is anyone still around?


austynsmommy - August 27

I'm still around. It seem's like no one is around anymore. How are you doing Kimmer?


babyblue2 - August 27

I'm still here as well... gettin close to taking this site off my favourites though. No one seems to wanna chat anymore!!


babeedust2all - August 28

Hey Ladies, We're still around. I check in from time-to-time, but I suppose the thread has gotten really quiet because our lo's are much more active!. Anyway, I hope things are going well for everyone. Amanda, how far along are you? Kim, how's Brady doing?


austynsmommy - August 28

I'm 23 weeks along. I'm so ready to be done. Were having a girl this time around and very happy about that. Is anyone's lo crawling yet? Andrew is just doing the Army crawl and he does get up on his hands and knee's but that is about it. Hope everyone is doing good. How is your lo babeedust2all?


babeedust2all - August 29

Hi Amanda, Makayla is also doing the army crawl, and she tends to spit up along the way because she's smushing her stomach right into the ground!!! She also gets up on her hands and knees but doesn't yet know how to move around on them. I'm glad your pregnancy is going well. How many kids do you want in total? I've always wanted 3, but in the past couple of weeks my husband has expressed his feelings that 2 may be more than enough! He feels as though we shouldn't tempt fate as we already have 2 healthy children. He's also concerned about the logistics of helping 3 with homework, etc., etc. I must admit that I was really upset initially, because it went against my "dream" of having 3 kids, but the more I think of it, the more I think he may be right. We haven't made any final decisions, but I've actually started thinking of life after diapers, and it's pretty exciting! Kimmer, how about you? I know you were planning on trying in the fall. How many lo's do you want?


austynsmommy - August 29

This will be our last one. I can't stand being pregnant in the summer. I think it's perfect with two boys and two girls. It's going to be weird having a girl this time around. My last two are boys.


baby2jan13 - August 30

I know, I check it from time to time but nothing new is usually on so I kinda lay low! I just posted something and haven't heard back yet, and when I was pg there were always immediate responses, so it definitely has died down! Hopefully it picks back up, it was such a great resource and just nice to chat with other moms!


Kimmer23 - August 31

Hey girls! I miss chatting with everytone, but it is busier with our little ones now! Amanda - wow, 23 weeks along already. Congrats! You're getting there. And a little girl - how precious! Babee - sounds like Makayla is doing well. Brady still spits up too, but he does it more when he's just sitting and playing. Watching them army crawl must be so cute!! Brady isn't crawling yet. I can put him on his arms and knees, but he just sits there, and then typically rolls over. He still doesn't really like hanging out on his tummy, so he usually rolls over everytime I put him that way...but he's getting around (slowly) by rolling :) Oh, my fav is that he says mama and dada now - it's so cute! My dh and I are still thinking about trying in about a month or so. We want 2-3 kids, and we only have Brayden so far. So, we'll at least have 1 more. I really want Brady to have at least 1 sibling - I love having a brother! Take care girls, and check in from time to time.



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