What Have We Done 8 5 Month Old Can T Nap W O His Swing

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eclectic66 - April 9

I need some advice on naps. My ds is 8.5 months old and unfortunately dh and I started a really BAD nap habit that we are now paying the price for!! We always have put ds in his swing for naps basically since he was born because he has always slept so well in it and if he was fussy we could put him in it and boom...he would be a happy kid again. Well, 8 months later he has outgrown his swing!! He is a big boy...23lbs and he literally burned out the motor so it stopped swinging! LOL So, now here we are with a baby that doesn't know how to nap without a swing. We try to lay him down for naps in his pack n play to no avail. He just fusses and fights the sleep. He is a great night sleeper though. We have always had a strict bedtime routine and he is literally down every night at 6pm (sometimes 5:30) and sleeps through until 6 am. So, I know he is capable of sleeping well,, but nap time is a now a nightmare!! I know we brought this on ourselves with the swing. Are there any tips or tricks to help him nap?? Any advice would be appreciated.


docbytch - April 9

hey eclectic...most swings should not be putzing out when the baby is less than 25-30lbs. That's odd. I use the swing for my (also big as you recall) boys naps too and have since he was about 2 mos of age. Now he is 6. Although...if I swaddle him in his size Large Kiddopotamous swaddle blankie I can lay him down for a still nap in his crib occasionally. He was swaddled at bedtime all the way until he was almost 5mos old. My boy is a wiggler during the daytime...his hands are always rubbing and scratching at his head and face...which disturbs his ability to settle down. At night (he goes to bed around 9ish) he is much mellower and we also have jammies that cover his hands so he can't scratch himself. Try jammies to keep his hands covered or maybe wrapping or swaddling him snug in a blankie for daytime naps. Or find a used swing that goes to 30lbs. We have 2...one is a plug-in fisher price....and the other is the cradle aquarium swing. So far so good....Our time is close though if what you are saying is true. His 6month appt is tomorrow....he was 18 lbs at his 4month. Yikes


eclectic66 - April 9

Hey Docbytch- Well, the only reason I think it died was because we received the swing used from friends. They had used it for their son so who knows how long it had officially been used b4 we got to it. I think I might try the swaddle thing...I do know though that we had to stop swaddling him around 6 weeks bc he would always Houdini his way out of it and seemed to fuss more, but I suppose it's worth a try again. And yes, he is definetly a squirmy little guy...he has what I call "crazy legs" and is always moving so I am sure that is part of what keeps him from settling during the day. I am soooo tempted to get a swing that goes to 30 lbs, but I figure since he has been away from his swing for almost 1 week now that I should just keep him away from it since he will be 30 lbs b4 we know it...lol


kimberly - April 10

I agree it is best to break the habit now as you said he will only outgrow the next swing too. Consistancy is all I can say. It is so hard I know but always lay him down for a nap and never put him in a swing for a nap and he will transition in a couple of weeks. Don't get into the habit of rocking him because you don't have a swing. I rocked my first to sleep for 3 years and it was a nightmare. I will never make that mistake again. lol! You have made it through the first week which is always the roughest so you are half way there just be consistant. You don't have to let them cry for hours to do the CIO method, I do the sort of cry it out method. I put my dd in her crib and walk away she will start to cry and after about 5 mins. she settles a little and I go in and give her a blanky and paci and she usually will not cry when I leave again if she does I just keep repeating until she stays asleep. It has worked for me because I stay consistant with our routine. The swing has worked for him because you stayed consistant with that routine so to change that you must be consistant with a new routine.


eclectic66 - April 10

Ya, I think that I should have made myquestion a 2 parter because I guess the other part of my dilema is trying to lay him down for a nap in his crib worries me because I am worried that I am somehow going to confuse him with the idea of BEDTIME vs NAPTIME if he lays down in the same spot where he sleeps at night. I know this may sound silly, but do you think it would confuse him???


squished - April 10

Our ds used to have horrible time with napping too...knock on wood. One of my friends said to start a naptime routine too, which we did a couple of months ago and after a rough start it works!!! I couldn't believe it. It doesn't confuse him taking a nap where he sleeps b/c I tell him it's time to take a nap and he knows. I'll ask if he's sleepy and sometimes he'll rub his eyes. He still has an issue with the 5 o'clock catnap, but we are getting there. I tell him it's naptime, I change his diaper, give him his soothie, we close the blinds together and tell the trees (or whatever is outside) the he'll see them when he gets up. I turn on his music and put him in his crib. Sometimes he plays for a bit, sometimes he whines a little, but will go to sleep. If he all out cries I'll go back in and check on him. Sometimes he just wants to see me when he falls asleep. When he wakes up we open the blinds together and I say hello outside and he gets the biggest smile. I know, it sounds stupid but he loves it and it works for us. Maybe you could try a naptime routine. Good Luck!!


eclectic66 - April 10

hey Squished-that routine you both do sounds so cute!! I will definetly try that. Today, we tried laying him in his crib for his first morning nap and we made sure the room darkening shade was up just to let in a bit more light (so he could distinguish that it was day from night) and he whined a bit, but he did fall asleep for about 35 minutes!! Now, the midday and evening catnap.....definetly wasn't happening today....lol I will try your advice with the opening of the shade and talking to him about the trees etc. I know one thing.....if we decide to have a 2nd child we are NEVER using the swing for naps (ya right lol) easier said than done haha!



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