What Have You Done When You Child Outgrows Their

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lin7604 - March 12

what do you do when your Lo has outgrown their infant seat and still need to nap every 1.5-2 hr and you are out and about? My ds is 19 lbs now and 4.5 months and he's almost out of the infant seat. he naps every 2 hr or less and when we are out we jsut put a blanket over the top, give him his soother and he is out like a light! SO this way all his naps are on time and don't get missed. what am i going to do for naps when he's not in it? I assume he will be out of it by 6 months and by then they still have what 2-2.5 hr awake times, right?


SonyaM - March 12

You're probably not gonna like my answer but unfortunately you just have to stay home. It sucks but it's necessary. Unless you have the type of the kid that you can transfer from place to place asleep. My son won't sleep in a stroller or anywhere other than his bed so we are homebound during nap times. It's really a short amount of time in the whole span of life though. That's how I get through it.


ssmith - March 12

LOL Sonya.... I was going to say the same thing ~~ you stay home! I can pick one outing / errand and then I have to come home.


Emily - March 12

By then my dd was on a nap schedule. She would take one nap in the morning and one nap in the afternoon. You would need to stay home when it is nap time but it frees up other times to be out and about. When we need to travel out of town, I plan on travling around the time my lo takes a nap and she naps in the car. She may not get as long a nap, but she still gets her nap and I get a stress free ride. Now if my two year old were as easy as that! But really if your lo is still napping every two hours and not just two long naps a day, switching to a reg car seat my be the thing you need to get him on a reg nap schedule. You will probably have to stay home durring his nap times, but you can be out other times and show off your alert baby instead of your sleeping baby.


lin7604 - March 12

i knew that's what i would hear, it's just we go out to dinner ( early one or late lunch as he need to be in his own crib for his last nap and bed ontime or we pay for it)! it usually falls near or at the end of a nap, especially if we have been shoppingor something, it'sno problem he just keeps napping in his car seat at the rest or we put him in it and cobver him up and he naps away! now i think we won't be eating out anymore either until he's at one or two naps a day only. when does that usually occur? i find right now somedays he can last for 2 - 2.5 hrs between naps but somedays only 1.5. I am forsure looking forward to the month that he will only need one or 2 naps so we can have somewhat of a life again, especially since spring is coming i would like to get out daily for walks etc.


AnytimeLittleone - March 12

lin7604... the girls are right. You just have to stay home. My dd went into the big carseat at 5 months (she was 19lbs!). Since then, Ive only taken her out for the day once.. and during that day, I rocked her to sleep, and held her while she slept.. and that wasnt easy to do with a 20 pounder! Im afraid that you'll just have to rework your schedules for now, dinner may have to be earlier, or later. As he gets older, you'll have more flexibility. My dd is 7 months now, and we can go out in the mornings from about 10am-1pm... then its home for some food and a nap! Unfortunately theres no way around it, and it sucks, but youre going to have to let the baby dictate your schedule... :(


Allie - March 12

My dd is 9 months, and she sleeps in her stroller, ,has since she was probably about that age...in fact we go for a walk in the morning and that is how I get her to take her morning nap. It might be worth trying...


lin7604 - March 12

well he will sleep in his carseat when it in the stroller but i haven't tried himin just the stroller yet by himself. if it works the same and he nas no problem that's great but i don't think it's convienent to have a stroller in the aisle in a restaurant. or can i???? lol... i guess some it's noproblem depening on the way they are set up but most arn't.


Ciarasmom - March 12

I mntioned the same thing to my friend about the`stroller in the asile because we only bought a 3 in 1 car seat and she said the resturant needs to accomadate u. She dosen't drive and the stroller was the only way she could get around. So far we have had no trouble with a stroller in a resturant. My dd s 2.5 months and does fine in her stroller w/o being in a car seat, although she has never been in a infant car seat.


lin7604 - March 12

well i guess i don't have to worry about that for a while i guess, i will be house bound for a bit as our truck was tolen today with all the equipment in it! so i guess if it's not found then i will haev to get all new stuff! but the question is what am i going to do for 1 month until it's solved? if i buy and then the truck is found i'm out a lot of $$$ as they won't pay for reimbersment and if i don't and wait till the month is over then i'm screwed all month. sheesh why can't people respect that you work hard for the things you have, it's just not given to you!!!



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