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Sarahsmommy - July 6

Ok, I'm trying to figure out what's going on with Sarah. Yesterday she slept more then normal but was ok besides that. Well today she's been fussy all day, she'll eat her solids ok but doesn't want her milk, she been sleeping more then normal again, she's running a temp of about 99.9 for the last week, she's pooped 4 times this evening but it's not runny or anything, and when I change her diaper she screams, she has a little bit of a diaper rash but nothing major. She has her 2 bottom teeth but I haven't noticed anything on top yet. What do you think this might be?


MichelleB - July 6

My 10 1/2 month old sounds very similar. He SCREAMS when I change his diaper, but it is more because I have to restrain him, he is pooping continuously (not sure why that is happening) which is a pain because of the whole diaper changing/screaming thing. He has 2 bottom teeth only, and I think he is teething because he is drueling more, just being cranky, but I cannot see any whites yet. Hopefully it is just a phase. My boy has not really been drinking his formula for a month or so, so we had to put him on whole milk, which he barely drinks....he does love water though. I hope it is just teething. Does she calm down with Tylonal?


Ca__sieSong - July 6

My dd stopped wanting to drink big bottles of formula at about 5 months. Now at 7 months, she drinks about 20 oz a day and eats 3 solid meals just fine. She doesn't like to drink a lot though. She also has her two bottom teeth and doesn't like having her diaper changed. She used to LOVE it. She is also pooping all the time! At least 4 times a day... it used to be only once. Weird.


mama3 - July 6

Sounds like she maybe coming down with a cold or fighting one off. I just went through this with my toddler. Her appet_te droped for about a week. Wanted to sleep more. Very cranky. Then her nose started to run. She pooped 3 times day and ate some good food. Her nose is still runny but other than that feeling much better. I just had her drink alot. What ever she wanted. An sleep as much as she wanted.



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