What Is The Best Advice You Ve Gotten So Far

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Sarah - November 11

It seems everyone wants to put in their opinion about everything we do as new mothers. But has anyone ACTUALLY gotten any good advice from anyone? The best advice I got was "Do what ever you want and what you think is best for your baby". I couldn't agree more!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 11

I have to agree with you on that one. Things seem to go better when I just do what I feel is right for my son rather than what others or "the experts" deem is the correct thing to do this 5 minutes before they change their minds again!


Mommy - November 11

The best advice anyone has given me is to buy clothes a size bigger than what they wear. I have clothes that my baby has never even worn because he grew out of them too soon. They grow like weeds so if you are going to go on a shopping spree, you better get them 1 size bigger if you want them to have a chance of putting them on.


d - November 11

I get annoyed too when mothers tell me some things. But I've concluded that every mother thinks they are doing their best and when they tell you something its because they want the best for you too. Now what you want to do you may want to do it differently because you know your child better. I even had a disagreement within the family oppinions about "feedings" but I did not tell them. I spoke to my husband privately and together we came to our own decision but took in consideration of what others had said. Maybe sometimes what others have to say may be of help to you and sometimes it may not apply. Knowledge or learning new things in general is a good thing. I'm always interested in books and magazines about parenting etc.. I think this site does that. Mothers can give all kinds of advice and you take what you want from it. Nevertheless, I too buy clothes for the future but only if its on sale, something he really needs and if its something I rarely find like fishing themes on clothes.



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