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bbelmore - July 3

I am calling out to all you moms and inviting you to share what you consider the best schedule for your little ones...you know the way that finally brought you peace... I posted a thread awhile back kind of similar, the lot of you shared your current schedules, but this time I would like to know what finally worked to get yours to sleep through the night, eat on a more predictable schedule... all of that. James is three months and I'd like him out of our bed, in his crib and all of us sleeping from dusk till dawn!


bbelmore - July 3

Also, I am wondering if anyone has any budgeting tips. I find it difficult to keep up on our bills and always have money for food and diapers etc... the numbers say we should have tons left over at the end of the month, but the wallet says "you're broke!


Annette - July 3

for budgeting you might want to check online prices, like 1-800diapers and nextag for formula and diapers. Cash those formula checks in case you haven´t!


Annette - July 3

sorry, I was typing in a rush. 1-800 diapers has good prices and free delivery, I DON´T use it, but seems to be a good option. Also, I don´t care much for the$ 1 and $2 formula coupons but sometimes one for $12 or $11 will show up, that is 1 week of formula for me. I recently discovered I am spending too much in baby-stuff, toys and cute clothes that he doesn´t really need, are you?


Jamie - July 4

The best budgeting thing I ever did was stop buying diapers and never once buying formula. I switched my daughter over to cloth diapers, which was a one-time expense, then potty trained her. I also exclusively b___stfed til she was ready for solids. I did buy jarred baby food, but she only ate it for maybe 2 months before switching over to pureed table food. It's a little more expensive having to buy enough for 2.5 people, but not nearly as expensive as it would be if I were buying formula and diapers and wipes.


ConnorsMommy - July 4

what works for my son (he's 6 months) to sleep through the night is: around 6pm i give feed him a jar of baby food (i know you said ur son is only 3 months, try giving him a little rice cereal... it wont hurt him.. i started giving my son rice cereal a little after he was 3 months... and MY mom gave me rice cereal when i was 3 months.. and i'm just fine! :) ...) after i'm done feeding him, i give him a nice warm bath and let him splash around in the water a little and then i put him to bed with a 6 oz. bottle of formula and he sleeps through the night! 7pm-7am!.... as for budgeting tips.. i know what you mean when you said "the nubers say we should have tons left over at the end of the month, but the wallets says "you're broke!"" my dh and i have the same problem. we realized that all the "little" things we buy really do add up!!! now we're able to SAVE $1000 per month!..just watch what you're buying for a week or two, you'll see.


starr - July 4

Well my little one is only 17 days old so I definitely haven't gotten a sleep schedule down for her yet but hopefully that will come soon.As far as budgeting I strictly b___stfeed so we save money on formula and we use diapers that are not the top of the line name brand but they work just as well.Not to mention the tons of gifts from the baby shower helped out so much.I hardly had to buy anything for her at all.We had to cut way back on eating out and all the extras.I usually buy only what we absolutely need but every now and again I get the urge to buy something that we want even though it may not cost that much it still makes a difference in our wallet.


Brenda - July 4

Hi, well I found that to save money I always ask myself if I need it or want it. Second to save money on things like diapers and formula and many other things I went to Sam's Club and I got a membership. I get my daughter her Isomil Similas with Iron for 27.73 and it is the huge can a 2lb 4 oz can. I also get her the huggies size 3 168 count for 27.89, I know that prices vary by stores but visit samsclub.com and you can search by your local store. I know that some costco might also have the same items but I find it very affordable. I know that after my baby is off the formula and only on whole milk the milk there is only 2 dollars for the gallon. I just thought I share that the only thing is that you have to be a member but if you know someone who has the membership might as well give it a try and see how you like the prices.


AprilMum - July 4

What works for us as far as budget - I set up all of our bills and whatnot onto an excel program, just so we can very clearly see what's going on. When we figure how much we have extra, for baby and us - we take out that amount in cash, put it in an envelope, and beyond that, it's willpower. When its gone its gone, until the next month. Its definitely made us stop and think about how important something is, and what we can do without - which was a lot!


bbm - July 4

I think it just happens naturally. My son is three months and just started sleeping through the nights last week. So far, he's on night number 5. It happened without warning and it did not happen sporadically. We are still surprised. Last night, he woke up and sucked his thumb for a while at 3, made a few little noises and then went right back to sleep after about 15 minutes. You just have to be patient, and stop the middle of the night feeding. My son has only ever woken up once in the night for a bottle, but now he sleeps from 9 to 6 or 10 to 7 or 8 and I try to give him a bottle around 8 or later. Oh yes, and I add 2 spoons of rice cereal to his bottle in the morning and before bed.


Rabbits07 - July 5

I clothe diaper and b___stfeed to save on expenses. As far as baby clothes go I hit the yard sales and second hand stores alot. They don't wear them very long and if you can find ones that have been taken care of (no stains) you get them for nearly 1/4 what they cost new. I recently hit a yard sale and bought enough clothes to take ds through the summer for $40.00. They are very nice clothes, too. Some were complete outfits with hats and I even got a pair of baby New Balance shoes...all like new. Plus, I gave her my phone number and she said she would call me when she goes through her lo's winter stuff. Baby Depot also has very good prices on clothes if you don't like second hand.....I buy from there when I see something so cute I just can't resist. You can sign up online with the diaper companies and they will send you coupons as will the formula companies. Also, as someone mentioned, all the little purchases here and there add up. Keep a record of everything you are buying for a month....even if it's just a pack of gum. At the end of the month see where you are spending the most and where you could cut back.



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