What Is The Weather Like

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Emily - February 16

It is -7 here with two feet of snow and six foot snow drifts. Oh I love IL winters.......Monday it is suposed to be 50. What a difference four days makes....


sahmof3 - February 16

It's sunny and a balmy 10F here... it's a bit windy, though, so I'm not sure about the windchill. Our snow from the storm is b__wing and drifting everywhere. ICK! I haven't been out in 3 days, but I have to take Nathan to the doctor today. Oh well, dh has been driving in it everyday, so I guess I can handle today. He is a MUCH better winter weather driver than I am, though!


mommie2be - February 16

36* in coastal, SC. Really unusual for here- by now we're in the 50's/60's.


Nita_ - February 16

it was all single digits yday! With the freezing rain etc we had couple of days back, we still have frozen ice on our walkway/driveway and such! I tried to shovel the day it was falling but couldnt and all the stores in our neighborhood are OUT OF SALT!! And of course we;'ve had such mild winter so far, we never bothered buying salt! It's 17F, Yuhoo!! warm and toasty! no, not really. But it's supposed to be 34 tomorrow and day after, maybe that'll melt the ice! :D


Shana B - February 16

I'm soooo jealous of all of you that have SNOW! We only get snow here in Georgia once every 5 years it seems. It's just cold here, but not as cold as you guys. I think it's supposed to be in the 40's today.


Nita_ - February 16

Shana B - I wish we had the 40 temp, it will be REALLY warm and toasty! :)


Nerdy Girl - February 16

I'm in IL too. I think WGN Morning News today said it was going to be -3.


mcatherine - February 16

It's 10f here. At least it hit double digits.


rl- - February 16

ok ya'll are gonna hate me as I live in Florida and it is not really all that cold here and no snow at all we are gonna get some colder weather tonight they say it maybe in the 30ies LOL but for most of this winter it has been in the 70ies so I feel for you guys freezing in the snow...take care and stay warm!! I will try and send ya'll some of our warmer weather LOL!!


krnj - February 16

It's in the 20's here in NJ. The sun's out at least. Next week it's suppose to be in the 40's! Can't wait!


mcatherine - February 16

rl - my sister lives in Florida, too - and she has to rub it in all the time! Two days ago she called and asked what I was doing and I told her I was about to go outside and and shovel the steps, sidewalks, etc.. She laughed and said she had just watched the weather and wanted to call and tell me she was sitting outside in the sun while a new pool heater was being installed so her girls could start swimming in a few weeks!!!! *&#^$#*&$)*)(^$^$#%^&#(*#*$#_%


piratesmermaid - February 16

It's been in the 40s for a high lately, but last night we got another light dose of snow, It's almost gone now. And it's supposed to be in the 60s next week! I wish the weather would make up it's mind! 'Course at HOME there's a blizzard warning, wind gusts up to 65mph, and a TON of snow...... So, I'm not complaining too much.


rl- - February 16

yeah mcatherine that sounds about right LOL it has been so warm here most of the winter makes me feel so glad when I watch the news that I am not stuck in all that snow!!! I live in the Tampabay area where abouts is your sister?


Emily - February 16

I was snowed in at my mom's yesterday. I took the girls there to go to work and had to walk through a wasit high dift to get in the house. My dad had to bust the drift to park his truck….(he works nights and was just getting home as I was droping the girls off.) The township road they live on was not plowed and I was lucky to get to her house so I stayed put until they plowed it. We have had about 8 feet of snow since the beginning of Dec. Of course thank goodness it hasn't all been at once! Our heating bill is outragous. My parents are looking into putting up one of those windmill things…..10 thousand for the small one…but they claim to knock off 40-60 % of your electric bill. I was thinking we would move in with them….ha!


eliz24 - February 16

It's in the 50's and rainy here..big surprise! I live in Oregon.


aurorabunny - February 16

Okay raise your hand if you are jealous of Shana B! *raises hand* LOL. It is 10 here today but feels like -2 with the windchill. And all this d__n ugly dirty snow is never going to melt!!


mcatherine - February 16

rl - she's on the other side - Cocoa Beach. We're making a visit in early April, thank goodness!!! They love to come visit over the holidays to feel the cold weather and ski - but they compain the entire time they are here about the cold!!!



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