What Is Your 7 Month Old Eating

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Cassie06 - March 5

DS is eating 5 1/2 ounce bottles at 8-12-4-8. He gets a bottle at 11 with formula and cereal. He eats a jar of baby food at 6. He gets a 2 ounces of juice throughout the day. He is 30" long and 14 lbs. How does this compare to your lo's?


jessne - March 5

My DS is taking about 24-28oz forumla. He has a bottle right when he wakes up. Then about an hour later he has cereal and a Stage 2 fruit. At lunch he has a Stage 2 veggie and leftover fruit from breakfast. And at dinner he has a Stage 2 dinner. Sometimes at dinner he eats leftover fruit and veggie from the day. Formula between meals and 2oz of juice. So all together he has a Stage 2 fruit, veggie and dinner. He turned 7 months on March 2nd. He was 17lbs 12oz and 28" long at 6 month well baby:)


Shannah - March 5

Mine little one eats a 6-8 oz. bottle at 8-12-4-and bed 7:30. he eats breakfast, lunch and dinner solids. dinner is a stage 2 veggie and a stage 1 fruit. break is cereal and fuirt mixed and lunch is cereal and fruit mixed and a veggie. at his 6 month visit he was 17lbs and 28.5 inches.


mommie2be - March 5

DD eats 6-8oz 5 times a day. At 10a and 4pm she gets one veggie and one oatmeal serving.


EricaG - March 5

Abby nurses every 3 hous except for at night she usually has a stretch of 5-6 hoursin there. She eats 2-3 solids meals during the day which consists of A cube fruit and cereal or a cube of veggies and cereal (I make my own babyfood so I measure in cubes not jars, lol, it's the size of a normal ice cube). he doesn't drink any juice yet, occa__sionally I'll give her a couple of ounces of water with her meal but she doesn't ever drink it all. I'm not sure how much she weighs or how long she is, She hasn't been to the doctor since her 6 month well baby.


AnytimeLittleone - March 5

Hey Ca__sie! Eva is eating the following.. 8am: 8oz bottle... 11am: 0.5 cup of cereal mixed with stage 2 fruit and 4oz formula... 2pm: 8oz bottle.. 5pm: 0.5 cup stage 2 dinner (like beef vegetable, or something of the sort) and 4oz of water/juice... 8pm: 8oz bottle!!! Shes a great eater. Shes about 30 inches long, and is almost 22lbs.


Ca__sie06 - March 6

Wow! I feel bad now! My pedi has told me not to start solids at all yet but I was sure that didnt sound right so I went ahead and fed him 1 jar a day anyway. Now I feel like I have been starving him. I started feeding him more yesterday as soon as I started reading these responses. He is still on stage 1 also, when did you all move to stage 2? I am looking for another pedi!! I feel horrible now!


Mellissa - March 6

Ca__sie06, don't feel bad!! You just have to go with your gut on this one. My pedi told me not to start solids until diesel was 6 months, but I started him at 4 months because i knew he was ready. I moved him to stage 2 foods at 6 months..and will probably be moving to stage three within the next month or so. Some people don't start their children on solids until they are over a year old!! But Diesel's a big kid, and honestly my b___stmilk, and the formula he gets during the day, just isn't enough to keep him satisfied.


Ca__sie06 - March 6

I feel a little better. We just got back from the dr and now he weighs 15 lbs 10 ounces. I am glad he is starting to gain.


jwhite - March 6

Now do your lo's drink the whole bottle every time?


forumspyer - March 6



Ca__sie06 - March 6

Yeah, DS sucks his whole bottle down in about 5 minutes if that. I have to pull it out of his mouth every so often so that he can catch his breath!


jwhite - March 7

Well my dd does not always finish her bottles. I can get her to sometimes finish one in the morning and I think my sitter gets her to pretty much finish the two she has there but lately she has not been wanting her bottle at all, we'll even wait a few minutes and try to go at it again and she still will just hold it in her mouth. Last night though she finished her bottle and this morning at 5 she finished that one. So who knows..


Victoria_1985 - March 7

Hey ladies! My DD was 8 months on the 4 of march, she eats a 7oz bottle at 7, cereal, fruit and yogurt at 7:30 so,metimes i give her toasted brown bread and scambled eggs made from the egg yolk and formula mixed, lunch which is veggies and beef or chx and real fruit cut up, 7oz bottle at 12:30, then she gets dinner at 5 which is cereal and fuit or veg and then bed bottle at 7-7:30. Sh hates to drink formula she only drinks maybe 20 ox a day if I'm lucky.


jwhite - March 7

same with my dd, she hates her formula and always had, she has never been a big drinker... We're lucky f we get 20 oz down her in a day.,



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