What Is Your Goal

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Deirdra - March 7

As old moms and new moms and old moms being new moms we all have goals for our children...and for our lives as parents...so i was wondering what is yours?


Deirdra - March 7

My goals are to raise my son right. i work in retail and i see these kids running ramade...i had this one child take one of our shopping carts (he must have been about 5) and was running and jumping on it down the isle...i work at a very small store mind you....and my coworker went to ask himi nicely for the cart back and he screamed no and ran away! then they were holding onto the door handle and hanging on the dorr...now the mother isnt say anything but as sher leaves she says hes grounded? how is he gonna learn...i dont want to raise my son to act like that. i wish my son to be happy...no matter his choice of life...goth, prep, gay, straight...anything he choses is fone for me...just be happy...i want him to graduate highschool and go off to college...i just want to do my best...and im worried sometimes im not doing that...


eliz24 - March 7

Well, I could write forever on this topic as I'm always changing my goals and wanting more for my family. But right now my goal for my family is to own our own house within the next couple of years and to have more babies : ) Pay off some debt. And in the longrun I hope to have raised well adjusted connfident happy children and to always have open lines of communication with them because I didn't have that with my parent,that is one thing I will always strive for.


kristie h - March 7

my goal is when i have this baby (im 12 weeks pregnant) i will be going back to work full time. I want to go to tafe and get a career and by the time i am 25 i will be fill quilified for the field i want to get into. DH is doing a certificate 3 accountant course and is a sales rep now. By the time i am 27 i want to bye my a house on acerage.


kristie h - March 7

PS, this baby is our last we only want two.


srigles - March 7

I want my son and our family to be happy. Period. That's all I could ever want for him/us.


luviduvi - March 7

I want my children to have great self-esteem and a great att_tude with an openess about others who are unlike them. I think with those three things a person can be happy, health, and just plain great! Good thread btw!


mandee25 - March 8

We want one more child in the next 3 years. My hopes and dreams for Noah is for him to be happy and healthy. I hope to raise him and any future children with moral standards, manners, an open mind and a loving heart. I couldn't ask for more if he only grew up happy, well adjusted with a strong sense of family closeness. I also hope and pray he furthers his education. Deirdra, it's funny, I was thinking of posting a thread similar to this. :-)


EricaG - March 8

I only have one baby right now, but eventually would like 3 children.I would like to raise my children to be God fearing, healthy, smart, generous, loving, kind, friendly, but not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. I would like them to have good relationships in life and to be be hard workers and to not run from responsibility. My goal for my husband and I is to stay in love and be happy together forever. Right now my husband and I are doing "The Total Money Makeover" We'll have ALL of our debt paid off in a couple of years including our cars and I'm really looking forward to that. My goal is to be able to be a sahm for Abby and any future children until the last one is 18 and I would like to homeschool them all.


Shea - March 8

My hopes for my son are for him to enjoy learning and graduate from college , for him to one day have a family of his own, and for him to find a purpose in life that brings him happiness. My goals as a parent are to provide him the best education I can, teach him right from wrong, give him a happy childhood and to have him know he is loved unconditionally. My goals for myself are to enjoy the moment, but plan for the future!


beccaisamommy - March 8

Sorry hope you guys don't mind if I jump on this thread(( I'm in my second trimester but I love this forum)). I want my son/daughter to know what unconditional love is. To know that I have tried to make this world a better place for them. I want my children to know that life isn't about how popular you are but rather how kind their heart is. I want my children to know that they can change the world and I will always be there to help them. That the place they call home is the safest place in the world..



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