What Kind Of Formula Did Do You Use

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Jenn2 - June 3

I plan on br___tfeeding for as long as I can, but I want to keep some formula around for "emergency" situations. What kind of formula did or do you currently use, and what have you heard from doctors/friends/family on the best kinds for baby?


jb - June 3

I feed my dd parent's choice (Wal-Mart brand). It is just as good as any other yet the price is cheap. Even though you plan to bf, I am sure you would like to save money on formula. Parent's choice is the way to go for that.


Marlene - June 3

I use simliac soy formula for my little one.


luvbendict - June 3

At 10 mths old my ds did not want to b___stfeed anymore, so I had to feed him nestle good start formula. I tried enfamil before and he kep throwing up and it also gave him constipation.


C - June 3

I b___stfed and used formula. I normally used Goodstart but once in awhile Similac. I never had a problem with either. I ran into some "emergency" situations and I was always glad to have formula as a backup method.


mama3 - June 3

simliac soy advance with iron is what i use.


melissa g. - June 3

i use Goodstart -- my dd didnt do great with enfamil lipil -- she had gas pains and would cry and cry. she does quite well with the Goodstart.


Selena - June 4

DD was occasionally supplemented with Similac Isomil(soy) do to lactose intloernace but recently I have switched her over to the Similac Lacto free formula. I searched soy formula online and found some negative reviews so this is why switched. It has only been a week but so far so good.


olivia - June 4

I b___stfed for 7 1/2 months and then started with the hospital sample (Enfamil Lipil). As creatures of habit, we just kept buying the Enfamil Lipil. We recently got Similac Advance but it seems foamy and is giving her hiccups for some reason. So back to the Enfamil Lipil for us. I hear the cheap stuff is just as good but we are just stick to what we know kind of people. I have recently heard not to do soy unless your doctor says it is necessary. Good luck to you.


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 4

I had to switch from Enfamil Lipil to Similac Advance and I hate it. It is really foamy and my baby seems gasier on it. I had to switch because I ran out of Enfamili and I had all of this Similac formula to use. I am also pumping b___stmilk and feeding it to her, but I have to feed her a lot of formula because I am not wanting to b___stfeed for very long and I am not producing enough milk.


punkin01 - June 4

my ds was on simliac w/iron for the whole 12 months......but my dd started out on that in the hospital but at about 2 weeks the dr realized she was lactose intollerant so ever since she has been on simliac advanced with iron lactose free and she is going to be 7 months old tomorrow and she doing great on it


YC - June 5

We use Nestle Good Start because of the "comfort proteins". It is much easier for our dd to digest. She has a very sensitive stomach. Good luck with the b___stfeeding!!!


nic nac - June 5

nestle good start for me too. works great.


mama3 - June 5

my babs dr just switched her to lactos free formula today. Soy was causeing her alot of gas and hicups and hard BM's.. I preferr Enfamil but I'm stuck with simulac cause of WIC here. I wish I could afford it myself.


ambertane - June 5

Neosure Advance Infant Formula w/ Iron


ambertane - June 5

well my baby wuz premie thats y i used neosure its the only thing that she doesnt got gas or fussiness with.


Sarahsmommy - June 7

I use enfamil gentlese, and it seems to work great for my LO.



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