What Kind Of Formula Do You Use

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Suzie1234 - May 23

What kind of formula do you use and why? I'm trying to find the right formula for my daughter who is very fussy and spits up alot.


ginger6363 - May 23

I started out with Enfamil Lipil. My dd was fussy and spit up a lot and was diagonsed with reflux and put on meds. She still was miserable so I switched her to Enfamil GentleEase at 4 months...that was a mistake...she spit up even more. I went back to Enfamil Lipil, but the spitting up continued (but less often) at 7 months I wondered if she was allergic to milk protein so I tried the Enfamil Nutrimagen (very $). I mix it with the Enfamil Lipil (1/3 Nut. 2/3 Lipil) b/c dd didn't liek the taste. Even mixing, I found that that helped with the spit up a lot. DD only spits up 1x a day now and before it was 4-6x. I can't say it helped w/the fussiness/colic. That went away around 5 months and we didnt try Nut. until 7 months.


jessne - May 23

My son was on Similac Alimentum for 4 months because he had MSPI. At 4 month he switched to Enfamil GentleEase and at 6 months he will try a regular formula.


kay101 - May 24

My daughter had reflux and spit up badly. We went through 5 formulas till we started using Enfamil AR and we fed her smaller amounts more frequently, then would keep her upright after eating and try not to bounce her around much.,


cblack - May 24

I was using enfamil after I b___stfed for 3 months, but it was just too expensive even though it worked well. I started using the Lactose Free by Parents Choice (walmart brand), even though we dont think ds is lactose intolerant. It works well, and he hasnt been ga__sy or fussy since we started using it. :) Hope this helps!


Crystal83 - May 25

I've always liked the Good Start formula. I've never had any problems with it, used it with all 3 of my girls. With my first I started out with Enfalac, that did not sit very well with dd so I switched and her tummy took that one a lot better, so I just used it ever since. With my lo now I started her on the Good Start follow up for 6-18 mos. The transition didn't bother her too much, I also find it fills her up longer and she sleeps through the night now. It's cheaper too.



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