What Kind Of Pacifier Do You Use

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Punkin - October 8

I know it all depends on each child, but I am going to try the mam brand, I was just curious what everybody's LO's liked and which ones the parents liked and why.


DDT - October 8

When my ds took a soother (0-3 months old) we used Avent brand. We tried several others and that was the only one he would take. I liked it because it came with nipple covers so that they were protected and kept clean when out and about.


kim00 - October 9

My lo prefers the Soothie brand.


JerseyGirl - October 9

Playtex Ortho Pro. Started using it because it was part of someone's gift to us but he ended up loving it. I tried the Gerber NUK and the one that came from the hospital but he spit them out. I like the Ortho Pro because it fits between his gums and teeth, which relieve pressure from his gums so that his teeth (will eventually) come in without any obstacles. Also, the nipple is contoured, so that he has more room to move his tongue.


MNMOM - October 9

Ditto to Jerseygirl. We tried other brands (mam and nuk) and he likes the playtex the best, I think it is the shape he likes.


excited2bemama - October 9

I second the playtex ortho pro paci's. I bought the gerber nuks and also tried several others. My lo hated the paci- but I kept at it b/c I didn't want to be her pacifer!! LOL- someone gave us the playtex ortho pro ones as a shower gift and those are the ones she ended up liking the best. I would prefer she take the silicone nipples but she will only take the latex ones. FYI- on the soothies- a friend of mine is a dental hygenist and she said if you lo still takes a paci when they are older 6 months + the soothies can cause buck teeth. she said its not a problem when they are really little.


squished - October 9

Our lo loves the Soothie brand paci that he got in the hospital. We've never even had to try another one :)


lin7604 - October 9

my ds loves the mam ones and especially the glow in the dark ones are great for night time! I never have a problem finding it at 2 am


aliciavr6 - October 9

At first, dd liked the soothies from the hospital, that only lasted about 3 days ha. Then, the only ones she'd take were the Gerber Soft Center pacifiers. She wouldn't take any that weren't shaped like that.


wailing - October 12

For us it was Soothie's all the way. Before that it was my pinky!!! He never took anything else then he found his thumb:-)



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