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be - February 7

what kind of things do you do with your 4 month old. i do tummy time, but since she's a silent reflux baby, i have to be careful. so i'm just curious what everyone else does with their babies this age?


be - February 7



Perl - February 7

Well my ds is 3 months not quite 4 yet and he has acid reflux. (what's silent reflux?) I totally understand what you say about having to be careful. He loves to jump so as long as it's not right after a meal, I hold him in a standing position on my lap and let him push off as I verrry gently lift him into the air slightly above my head. Some of his tummy time is spent with a small pillow under his chest so he's slightly elevated. HE also loves to watch his Baby Einstein Mozart DVD and can spend a very long time swinging in his swing (one where he reclines not with his feet dangling) looking up at the attached mobile. He does better when the setting is low and the swing goes side to side not front to back which would be worse for reflux. He also likes to be walked in his stroller through the mall, vibrating bouncer and likes to 'read' books and magazines with me.


ash2 - February 7

There are all kinds of things, sing to him, read to him, put him on a playmat with toys around him. Put him in a playpen and play " peek-a-boo " around the sides ( you might even get a laugh ) ...you could also get a boppy pillow and do tummy time that way...much better than the floor ! You could walk him around the house and point at stuff and name them ...( i did this with my 4 year old and he learned to talk very early and has a great vocab. now.) My oldest actually does it now with him ( he is 8 months old ) ...just to name a few.


vonzo - February 7

My dd is nearly 5 months and i take her around the house while i clean up and dance around her and just generally be silly, we play with her playmat/gym thing. She has a baby dance mat that my mum bought her for xmas that plays music and lights up different colours and she loves that! I read her wee fabric books while she chews on them, She loves to watch me play with the dog and always giggles at that! Play "pooh stinky feet" , and make her dance when there's music on or if i'm being a dork and singing something stupid. She likes to sit in her Bumbo in the kitchen and watch me cook too which i find a bit creepy because everytime you look round to her she's just STARING at you intently :o)


Erynn21 - February 7

vonzo-I do the same pooh stinky feet thing, my dd is 5 months, I read a book to her usually in the am while my dh gets ready for work, he plays guitar for her while he starts his work truck. He leaves around 7:30 and then we hang out and I act goofy for her, by 9am she takes a nap, today she has been really sleepy, she taken 3 naps today, wow. I just put her in her high chair after she wakes up feed her some applesauce or cereal, then nurse her and give her some tummy time while either Sesame Street or Baby TV is on. Now I am trying to start teaching her sign language to help communicate her needs, like water, eat, more, mommy, daddy, I just started this, but studies show that it really helps children communicate their needs much earlier. We do peek a boo, and play w/ the dog and cat, sometimes go for a walk if it's nice(I can't wait for spring :) My husband usually gets home between 4-5 and I make dinner, our dd sits in her highchair and my dh plays some more guitar for her, she loves it and he loves to sing and play for her, he's getting really good. That's our day.


Hana - February 7

When we wake up I make a real big deal of seeing ds (he's almost 5 months) and he smiles back at me and we have a giggle together, i then take him downstairs where we'll both have breakfast. I alternate between putting him his bouncy chair and lying on the playmat and then on my lap. I throw him up in the air (whist holding him!) and stand him up in my lap and just tickle him under his chin, he really loves that. He naps every 2 hours (which i look forward to so i can cook and clean or just nap myself lol) He's taken a keen interest in the remote control and my mobile phone (he's such a typical boy!) and refuses to play with the nice toys mommy always buys. I also let him watch tv a little... i also build it as part of our routine to snuggle up to each other and just stare into each other's eyes. This is excellent for attachment and getting all thought nerones connected in his brain! He likes to take walks but im lazy so i dont go everyday. :)



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