What Kind Of Trouble Did You Cause

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jb - February 19

I was talking with dh the other day about how dd will turn out when she is older. Dh and I have a rap sheet about a mile long of things we did to get into trouble (not with the law, just in general). So, because of that, what things did you do as a kid that got you into trouble (or you should have got into trouble for it!)????


jb - February 19

My brother and I would wrestle all the time (we are 2 years apart). We woul pin each other down and then force feed dog biscuits to each other. We also use to pin each other to the stucco walls and then drag the back of the other persons hand down it....man did that hurt!!!


Ca__sie06 - February 19

I was very sneaky. I skipped school a lot (Which is hard when your mom teaches there!) and all kids of other stuff. Once I got to skip cla__s by typing up a permission slip and telling my parents it was a field trip. They even gave me money to go! haha. I can tell DS is already going to be just like me. He is into everything as soon as I turn my back and he already has his "I am so cute, and I am not into anything" face down pat!!


KLC - February 19

I used to like to bang things down on peoples head if they were sleeping and I wanted them to get up!!! Apparently I was a mean little booger!!LOL


bradylove - February 19

Busting pop bottles on the side of the road (they used to be made of gla__s you know, lol!), making out with boys in my grandfather's barn, drinking perppermint Schnapps while walking to a teen dance and throwing our empty bottles into the ditch in front of an RCMP officer's house, then running as fast as we could to not get caught...I lived in the country in case you're wondering.


LisaB - February 19

The usual skipping school and drinking never in trouble with the police but had a great time!!


Shea - February 19

Yesh, between us, dh and I have a lot to hope ds does not do to follow in our footsteps. I don't know my mom was very naive and so I got everything past her - not true of me or dh, so ds will have a tougher time with that. I liked school so never skipped, but did go lots of places I shouldn't have, including a fabulous Memorial Day weekend at boyfriend's house senior year.


Kara H. - February 19

Hubby did all sorts of stuff he SHOULD HAVE went to JuV for, but he was a smart troublemaker and never got caught. (he was a PK which is what most of his troubles stemmed from). I, on the other hand, was really a good kid. I had a smart mouth on me and skipped school some my senior year and maybe spent a little too much time with boys, but that was about it. I got good grades and have never once tried drugs or smoked. I did do some underage drinking in my college years, but I was never drunk out of my mind or out driving. We are hoping that we will balance it all out and just have a normal average misbehaving child. Fingers crossed!!


Rabbits07 - February 19

The worst thing I can really think of that I did that I'm hoping my kids don't do was sneaking out at night. Me and some of my friends used to sneak out all the time in the middle of the night. I guess I was around 13 when we first started and then it wasn't to meet guys or anything...it was just fun because we knew we weren't suppose to be. Later on there were a couple of times that we met up with guys, but it was generally still innocent even then. Once I met my (future at the time) dh that changed. My mom didn't like him because he was so much older than me so she would hide my car keys under her mattress at night. I'd wait until she fell asleep and then crawl in there and run my hand under the mattress and get them. Then I'd turn the furnace up so the heat would kick on to provide a little white noise for me to sneak out on. Thank Goodness my mom was a really heavy sleeper because I wouldn't come back home until 3 and 4 AM in the morning and her alarm clock radios (all 4 of them) would be blasting so loud I could hear them in the driveway! I'd go in the house, change into my pj's and then put on my best sleepy face and go wake her up. She never even knew I was gone! I guess that is why I wake up several times a night and check on my kids...lol. I know fully well what they are capable of! I also did some underage drinking and even mj, but never did any harder drugs or pills or anything like that. I had friends that did, but thankfully they weren't the kind to pressure....when I said no they were fine with that.


SonyaM - February 19

I was a good kid and teenager but I was VERY mouthy. That got me in the most touble. I did more in college than high school but my most standards it was still pretty darn innocent.


DeeJay - February 19

Oh boy, I did it all! S_x Drugs and rock and roll. There are years of my life I can't remember, I was a big time rock and roll chick, my now hubby was in a band and he played in bars well before i was 21 and since I dressed like a s___t I never had trouble getting into the bars. (it was so different than now. (also, I dressed like a s___t but I have been with my hubby since I was 15 so he is the only guy I ever slept with.) But lots of drugs and drinking. I am actually amazed I made it through. So my daughter doesn't have much chance of sneaking with me, I broke all the rules so I know what to look for. (FYI I am now a sucessful business owner, and I only drink a normal amount and Have no lasting effects of all the pot and drugs) I just knew how to have a good time!!!!


Momof5 - February 19

My friend and I would take her Mom's car and go out driving at night.. We would go to another town and meet friends..until one night her Dad noticed the car was gone and was waiting outside with a shotgun to see if the person would bring the car back.. Boy did we get the c___p scared out of us!! Needless to say we never did that again. We were only 12 & 13.. The ages of my daughters now:O I would just die if my daughters did the things I did..


LollyM - February 19

dh and I both skipped school allot. I forged my mom's signature on the information packets in the beginning of the year so that when I gave the office "notes from mom" stating why I was absent, the forged signature would look the same as the ones they check to compare! I also drank and smoked allot of pot... dh didn't get into that until after he was 18, I eventually got in trouble for skipping school and drinking, but never for the pot! When I was in elementry school I didn't get in trouble because I lied to a teacher and after that, I learned that honesty was NOT the best policy! lol Oh yeah, and there was always the talking in cla__s... and disobeying the dress code!


kris313 - February 19

Enough that I want to put Molly in a convent as soon as its legal to do so. My senior year we had a kegger in the pool building, swimsuits were optional. We had a key so there was no breaking, just entering. Funny how the cops didn't see it that way.


AlissaF - February 19

Oh man... I was a hellian but I never got caught. My mom was trusting and also dealing with severe depression, so she didn't really watch me that much. I never really skipped school that much, but I would be gone from home for weeks at a time, starting when I was 14 and I did a lot of drugs and drinking. I only got caught for one thing- minor arson (it was a freaking milk jug that we were burning, but the police said it was arson cause it was near houses and a church). My goal is to be a lot more involved in Sage's life so that hopefully he doesn't make the mistakes I did.


Smilefull - February 20

My husband b___by trapped the house to catch Santa---he actually caught his mom and she was not impressed.


piratesmermaid - February 20

I was a good girl, never did anything wrong. Never got detention or anything, good grades.... I did streak through a graveyard on Halloween and dh and I got caught by a cop doing....stuff... in my car after our senior prom. Hubby on the other had was a hellion in elementary and middle school, so I am PRAYING that Gretchen ends up like me!



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