What Makes You Baby Laugh

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mcatherine - February 2

Up until a few days ago - we had to do something to my son to make him laugh. Toss him in the air a little, tickle his belly. Finally - he just laughed at a balloon one day. Now - he laughs louder than I have ever heard him everytime he toots! Do you think it tickles?


shelly - February 2

mcatherine ,that was how we got our ds to laugh for the 1st time with a balloon,my ds loves being tickled too especially under his arms and on his back,he also laughs at the little baby odes such as round and round the garden or this little piggy goes to market,he anticipates when the tickling is going to start and giggles before i do it, i think a babys laughter is the best sound in the world.


ssmith - February 2

My dd giggles when she farts too. Probably because I laugh and make such a big deal about it every time she does fart. There's just something about a baby fart that I find really amusing. Anyway, she thinks its hilarious when I take my hair out of its ponytail and shake my head. She also laughs when I "peck" my nose on her chest and tummy. We really have to work to get he to do that wonderful belly-laugh that babies have, even though she will smile at just about everything. Lately, she has started doing this fake laugh. It is the funniest thing I have ever heard because its so phony. It's like she is humouring me, so I will think that I am funny and not feel bad. Cracks me up.....


EricaG - February 2

Abby's 6.5 months, she smiles and squeals at quite a few things but the only things I've found that make her laugh really hard is being tickled or when I talk in the cookie monster voice, only I say "Footie moster" I say "Oh, Abby, I'm da footie monster, I'm gonna get your footie! ya!" and then I fake eat her foot going "mwah mwah mwah, mm da footie taste good!" She gets the biggest kick out of that. I havne't tried a balloon.


sahmof3 - February 2

My 6 1/2 YEAR old laughs when he farts, too lol. BOYS! My 18 mo laughs when I chase him around the island in our kitchen.


mosley12 - February 2

my ds likes me to get his tush..lol..i just lean close to him and tell him im gonna get his tushie, then i pick his legs up so i can tickle it..he laughs everytime. he's 3 1/2 months


ash2 - February 2

We have DS on video tape of older DS laughing at my dad with a balloon ! I dont know what it is about those darn things : 0


Erynn21 - February 2

That's funny he laughs when he toots, Nora always smiles, but I think it's because I laugh. I agree ssmith I find baby toots really amusing. The other day she laughed at a little boy, he just kept making her laugh and giggle, it is the cutest sound in the world. I got some good giggles out of her, by sniffing her diaper and saying "ooh stinky, stinky " in a funny voice, funny thing was she was stinky, but she got such a huge laugh out of it.


srigles - February 2

My son laughs when I'm feeding him. He stares at me and starts giggling! I think I'm starting to get a complex, lol! Makes it hard to feed him, too! And then today he laughed when he was in his swing and I was trying to open the compartment so I could replace the batteries. I was having problems opening it, and finally the lid swung open and made me jump, and Keegan thought that was hilarious. I think we have a very happy baby!


LollyM - February 2

haha, The things that make babies laugh are so silly =) We should really all be more like children... we would be much happier! My little girl likes to be tickled, and she likes it when I swing my hair around too =) She has only seen a balloon once, but she was fascinated by it. It's funny because when we try to get her to laugh, she just looks at us like we are strange, but then she will laugh at simple things like cheek kisses and eating toes =) one thing dd really likes is when I swing her back and forth in my arms while I'm leaning over her and standing up. I go " Tick tock, tick tock" and pretend she is the pendulum of a clock =p You'd think it would be scary, but the faster I swing her, the harder she laughs! I agree that a baby's laughter is the best sound in the world =)


LollyM - February 2

Oh, Ava is almost 6 months old.


Crissy - February 2

My dd laughs hysterically whenever I spray the can of Lysol, or any other aerosolized spray for that matter, and when I shake open a trash bag... really weird the things they think are funny. lol


krnj - February 2

My son laughs at that swiffer duster thing. Everytime I get it out to dust he cracks up!


dee23 - February 2

hmm well ds is 6 1/2 months old and has only laughed a handful of times when we really try. i guess by all the posts that means that we have a really unhappy baby? hmmm. although i would love him to laugh more.


Erynn21 - February 2

dee23-maybe he's just the "serious" type.


Hana - February 2

Aww i love this thread, reading other posts made my heart melt! I lie down with ds (4.5mo) on my chest and bounce him up and down and scream "bouncy bouncy baby!!!" I also love to pick his legs up while i change him and slap his tushy (my dh worries this will set a pattern where by ds enjoy being beaten by females when he grows up lol). One more: in the mornings i bring him next to be in bed so he can play while i sleep in and he always has this habit of continuously running his hand over my face to say wake up (sometimes trying to pull my nose too lol) so today i got so annoyed that i started running his face with my hand (very gently) and kept saying to him 'ha how do u like it if someone does that to you ha ha??' and he found it hilarious!


Rhiannon - February 2

I have twins and one laughs whenever I am holding the other one and making funny sounds. They are weird babies. Carys laughs when I take off her undershirt, she also laughs when I put lotion on her face???? Elora laughs when I kiss her neck and hold her close. They are so cute.



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