What Millions Dont Know

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Skyes momma and proud to be :) - February 28

Many people are not aware of things that could be causing them to be depressed. I am a mother of a beautiful 7 month old baby girl. Did you know that such things as chemicals in cleaning products can cause depression and are horrible for every ones health, even when not being sprayed chemicals and toxins are being out gassed from their bottles and that is one of the main triggers of many common breathing problems as well. Thinks that you wouldn't even think of contain these harsh chemicals that cause depression and its not only inhaled, it is also through they skin. Many people use such things as toothpaste, lotions, makeup products among many others. People don't realize that a common household is up to 70% or more polluted then the outside. Children also tend to play closer to the ground and breath up to 3 times faster then we do. If these chemicals and toxins are at risk for us adults think about what it is doing to our children? Skin problems, breathing problems, bones, joins, heart, a.d.d, a.d.h.d,, ..Everything is linked to these chemicals we have in our homes. Many people also don't realize that there are products out there that work 100% better, are safe enough to wash vegetables in, cheaper and get shipped right to your door! Many accidental poisonings happen each year, I am happy knowing that my baby can crawl around and I would never have to worry about an accidental poisoning! Health problems and death all because of some cleaning and everyday use products, and what for?? We do have alternatives! I am a mom and I look at what is the best for my child because we are their protectors! I am with the mom team, a special group of mothers that are concerned and caring helping you understand the dangers of your household products, yes even shampoos and washes for baby are harmful, accidental poisonings with beauty products. For everyone out there that would like to learn more and see our web site please don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected], or [email protected] I can't help you nor your child(ren) if you don't let me help you! Thank you for your time!


shannon - March 1

Wow I wouldn't think that something like that could happen, it's just not something that you would think about! Its scary! For sure I am writing you to learn more! Do you have msn messenger? This is insane! I want to keep my baby safe! Thank you Skyes mom!


kashi - March 9

that's excactly why there are no chemicals in our house, our bodies or our skin and we're going to keep it that way! there are so many very good completely plant based products out there but people are like "why should i pay more if i can have it for less?" and don't consider that a. chemicals are not safe, b. their families well being and c. (very importantly) the environment! and people also don't see, that the more people switch to chemical free products, the better. and the cheaper the "alternative" products will become, because more people buy them. i am happy to see that there are conscious people out there! thanks for sharing!


Maureen - March 13

We clean with Vinegar in our household. Even the toilets. It's a far safer alternative, and I think less expensive as well. Thanks Skyes.


Skyes momma and proud to be :) - March 14

You are all so very welcome and thank you for taking your time out to read. It's so true that people are not even aware of the dangers that these chemicals are causing. Our children breath up to 3 times faster then we do and play closer to the ground where these chemicals and toxins settle! I use to clean with vinegar and water until I found a great cheep company that allowed me to purchase their products with such convenience, and make a career out of it. I used vinager and water for the longest time, but disliked the smell! It also caused my husbands migraines to trigger several times a day. And people didnt think my clothes smelt the greatest :)! But now I keep my sweet presious baby girl safe and clean *he he* I even make my own baby wipes out of these products that are all natural, organic, hypoallergetic, and environmentally safe! People don't even know that things such as toothpastes and baby soaps, baby shampoos, and all of our products and baby products are linked to such things as, a.d.d, a.d.h.d, asthma, phycological abnormalities, birth defects, depression, dizziness, cancer, skin problems, other breathing problems, joint pain, heart problems and much, much more! And that is just awful! I want to thank you Shannon, Kashi, and Maureen for taking your childrens health into consiteration and Shannon Welcome to The Mom Team and we are so glade to have you with us! If you need any more help what so ever dont hesitate to call me or email me, I am always free! And also I have the flyers and testemonials that you wanted and I am sending them straight to you! I know that you are going to go so far in this business you just have the care and love it takes to help everyone! Let me know how you like the lotions and cleaning products hunny! ~huggers and best wishes~!


shannon - March 24

skyes momma I just want to say thank you! You have saved our lives I don't know what I would have done without you! My boy friends asthma is all gone and rays ezema is gone to. I have already made about $197 extra each month and it is all thanks to you! And already I have more people interested! THAX STEPH! YOU ROCK!



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