What Race Are You

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qwert - October 13

Just a poll.. not meant to be racist at all. :) Just wondering what is everybody's race. And are there any babies with mixed parentage? If there are picture's please!!


Jamie - October 13

I'm of the human race.


Narcissus - October 13

You racist pig!! joke... :) I am 50% Lebanese and DH is 100% Chilean. www.ajaesp.piczo.com -Again, the pimp daddy velour outfit was a joke :)


so - October 13

what are you? before you ask anyone else?


Shelly - October 13

Oh boy,there we go ;I'have mainley dutch/frisian blood in me but also some spanish and japanese.On a form i always put on "white and my pic on website is ; http://Jessesallaboutme.piczo.com I'm on "back to home"and Jesse's updated pics are on pics.Now qwert-we would like to know about you as well.Hey Narcissus,i just went to your website and Aja is sooo adorable;i8 cant believe our babies are getting this big.PS,why don't you go back posting as E,i still don't like the Narcissus,i just can't get used to it,but thats just me,!!!


CEM - October 13

half chinese, one quarter irish and one quarter something....my mom was adopted and doesn't know her father's heritage. most likely native canadian, judging by the way we look. my husband is 100% scandinavian and my kids look like him. narcissus, are you E? i had no clue! nice to know you're still around. :)


chelsey - October 13

I'm a whitey! Well, 1/2 English and 1/4 German and 1/4 Scottish. My husband is French/Native (metis) and english... kids are Heinz 57! take a peek..www.my2angels.piczo.com


Lissi - October 13

I'm completely 100% English as far as I know. My husband is Russian, with a bit of Polish, so my baby is half Slav. Narcissus, I love those pics of Aja in the velour outfit. My mum bought Nadya some pretty gross hats the other day. I was too polite to say what I thought of them. One of them is a huge, pink flat cap, which looks ridiculous on her. I call it her "Baby Taliban" hat. Lol! Must take some pics of her in it!


Lissi - October 13

Chelsey, I just had a look at your babies. They're so gorgeous! That caffeinated cat looks just how I feel!


Chelsey - October 13

I wish I was that alert! After 10 cups of coffee throughout the day, I'll look sort of like that! thats funny about Nadya's hat! Baby Taliban...hilarious! Be sure to take some pictures of her wearing it!


BBK ® © - October 13

Racially I'm East Meditteranean and Alpine (from the north mountainous parts of Greece). My wife is Chinese and Korean (China has ethnic Koreans). Here is our (certainly mixded) daughter http://bbkbbk.piczo.com (don't know what's going on with piczo but some pics don't show up)


Shelly - October 13

BBK,i looked at your site theother day and Anna is getting even prettier.Isn't it weird how much they have changed since birth?Jesse is a little Heinz 57 due to me,but his daddy is 100% Friesian (and i do not mean the horse-LOL-)


Chelsey - October 13

BBK - Anna is sooo adorable! She looks so happy! The outfit, where it looks like she's booked some T- time at the local golf course, is freaking awesome! Way to cute!


BBK ® © - October 13

Thanks Chelsey! It was before an outing but she got so upset when we had to make a u-turn and go back in. We're getting hammered by heavy rains!


BBK ® © - October 13

I'm kinda wondering how tall Anna will be. I'm 6'3" and her mom is your height... hopefully not too tall. I think the term is "Hallstatt Nordic" and "Tronder" for vikings, but it does have the thingies on the "a" I think.


Shelly - October 13

My brain will not function too great in the morning but how do you call the "thingy",you now what we are talking about.Either i can't rember or i just don't know.Hmm,now i am goingto think about it all day.I know Jesse is going to be as tall as Henk (D/H) he already has those long legs.He was measuring 20" @ birth and 6.7 and he is now 22.5" and weighs 11.6 ;its goingso fast.I think bynext week i will haveto upgrade hid diaper size again,to size 2,and i just bought a bunch last week!!! I think Anna will be taller than her mom and smaller than you.but time will tell....


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 13

I am white, her daddy is black. I am sure that I have some other "race" in me as well as he does, but I am not sure what they are! www.amayajayne.com



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