What S A Good Sippy Cup To Use For Their First Time Using 1

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ImpatientMommy - February 17

I have a few different kinds that I got at my baby shower but I feel like they're too advanced, I know atleast a few them said 12+ months on the package. My little one is only 7.5 months and I've tried the few I have with her and I feel like it's too hard to suck anything out. She barely gets anything out of it. Can anyone suggest a good sippy cup that'd be easier for a baby just starting out using one?


StarsMoon - February 17

Hey try Nubby. It's a sippy cup that comes in the colors red, blue, or green. It has a very soft flexible tip that the little ones can chew on. My LO is 9 months old, she has been on this Nubby sipper since she was 4 months. She has never had a bottle before. But, she does love this sippy cup. It cost about 6 or 7 dollars, a little high in price but if it works and makes them happy, thats all that matters. I know you can find this cup in Wal-Mart baby stuff. I had to buy 2 of them so that I could have a spare when one gets dirty. Or she doesn't want her water so DH fills up the other with part juice. It does work great... Good Luck, Stars....


ImpatientMommy - February 17

Thanks! I had heard about them. I'm going shopping today and will get one! =)


StarsMoon - February 17

They're awesome.... Your LO should enjoy.... I know mine has....


lily10 - February 17

My daughter who is also 7.5 months does really well with the3 NUK learner cup, you can get them at Walmart. I tried both the Nubby and Playtex with no luck but my daughter took to the NUK cup right away.


momtbc - February 17

I have used the Nuby and Samantha has done well with it. It really is the only sippy cup she can drink out of for now. She doesn't do very well with the hard spout kind. I think you can get them pretty inexpensive at walmart.


wailing - February 17

Does the Nubby have the plastic thing in the spout that makes it spill proof? I forget what they call it, but I removed it for ds when he was 5.5 months so he could practice swallowing normally. I agree Impatient that w/ it on, it's too hard to get the liquid out. If the Nubby doesn't have that, then I'll def go out and get one.



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