What S Everyone S Babies Eating

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CEM - November 8

My baby is 4 months and one week old. I wanted to wait to give him solids but he just won't have any of it! He stares at us with this starving look on his face, drooling like a madman! So, we've started giving him one meal at dinner time, rice with apple sauce or potatoes. Now he does the same thing at breakfast! He really wants to eat with the rest of us, but I'm afraid to give him too much. He's a big baby (was 11 and-a-half lbs. at birth) so maybe he needs more? What do your babies eat, and how much? Oh, and he's br___tfed. Thanks in advance. :)


BBK ® © - November 8

Anna is one week shy of being 4 months old. Still just liquids, b___stmilk with a meal of fomula. We estimate 32 oz total. She also stares at us when we eat (along with the dogs). We'll ask her doc in the next visit whether solids should be introduced. I kinda doubt it since she's gaining weight as she should and then some. How much does your son weigh now?


momma - November 8

maybe you can give him a little milk to wet his whistle that way he wont be as hungry and he might take it better when my daughter was 4 months she was eating 2 oz. of solids at a time (at first she wanted 8 oz. formula too) but that subsided as she got used to eating solids now when i give her solids she has 4 oz juice or water with it


CEM - November 8

BBK, my son is up to 17 and-a-half lbs. now, but at his last check his weight was starting to plateau but not his height or head circ_mference. So he is thinning out (my other two are also tall and thin). momma, I always b___stfeed before the solids and he still acts like he's dying of starvation. I only use the solids as a supplement, but he still eats a lot of food. I'm wondering what I should do... Like if he should get a breakfast too. It's just hard when you're b___stfeeding, because you can't see how much he gets. :(


bump - November 9



Rachael mommy2lucas - November 9

My son has been getting cereal in his formula for acid reflux but he also knows how to eat it off a spoon. He is 12 weeks and weighs 16lbs 5oz. I also gave him sweet potatoes last week and he loved them. I have to keep him on one thing at a time for 1 week due to a soy allergy and the risk he may have more allergies, but I plan on introducing all the foods one by one to him now. It will take forever at one a week. I do not believe in the waiting until they are 4 or 6 months old deal, and my docs know about it. But do what you are comfortable with and what you and your doctor agree on. Sounds to me like he needs some solids to keep him full and he has all the signs of being ready. But I am no doctor.


Steven's Mom - November 9

My son is 4 1/2 months old and at 3 1/2 months he weighed 15.6 lbs. 90% and his pediatrician said it was o.k. to give him rice cereal then after a few weeks she said I could start him on fruit and veggies. She said after 1 month he could eat 2 x's a day. For the last few days he has been eating twice a day!


CEM - November 10

Thanks for your input everyone. This really helps me a lot. I think I will start feeding him breakfast too. He just seems really hungry! Thanks again!



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