What S He Staring At

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mandee25 - February 3

My ds is constantly staring at lights and sometimes he smiles. He is 10 and 1/2 weeks old. I bathe him in our bedroom because its the warmest room in the house in a certain spot and when I lay him down to undress him he always stares at the ceiling and smiles EVERYTIME! Just what could he be smiling at? It is kinda freaky. Anyone have babies that stare and smile at nothing all the time?


Hana - February 3

OMG my ds does that too. Theres a certain spot he looks at in the living room where i lay him and its so specific..the minute he looks at it he smiles and continues to look at it. In fact the way he responds to it is like someone is communicating to him and he shyly smiles back...very very freaky..i always always wonder who or what is making him smile... weird hah?


k.p.j.e. - February 3

that is so cute!! sorry no similar stories bu that just sounds so cute anyway


k.p.j.e. - February 3

...i can see how it would be a little creepy though too:)


livdea - February 3

so normal! babies are drawn to lights and darks. my dd always ALWAYs smiled at the lights and the fans and if you think about it...it's like their buddy! we usually hold them so they are facing up so the lights and fans and ceilings become "familiar" to the baby. So seeing those things bring warm fuzzie feelings to baby!!! they are thinking "YAY! I get to see you again buddy!!!!" some times I know my dd who is now almost 7 months will see a crack on the wall and start staring at it...usually takes me a while but once I find it and point it out I get a big grin from her that that was infact what she was seeing! Everything is new and exciting!!!


jillianT - February 3

livdea. you made me laugh so loud.... "YAY! I get to see you again buddy!!!!"


AshleyB - February 3

My son is 8wks and does the same thing. Ive told everyone that he must have a guardian Angel that is making him laugh and watching over him because it is weird, he'll just stare at nothing it seems.


hello - February 4

Someone said to me, they see angels which is a sweet a___logy


EricaLynn - February 4

Hahaha Bailey does that too. She absolutely loves to sit in her bouncy seat on the kitchen counter and stare at the lights! She is there right now staring away.


sophandbob - February 4

my little man did that all the time but has grown out of it now, although very occa__sionally he still stares at certain spots and smiles. I was told it was because all babies are a__signed a guardian angel at birth to look after them for the first 6 months (or maybe 3 - can't remember which) , and that is who they look at


Hana - February 4

Hello I heard that too, in fact in my culture (Middle Eastern) we say that when babies smile into thin air the angels are playing with them.


eclipse - February 4

My son LOVES ceiling fans...he gets this oooh look on his face and we actually give him tours to see them when he is fussy. He likes staring at lights too, but usually saves the smiles for us, thank goodness. :)


mandee25 - February 4

Thanks for responding. Livdea, that totally makes sense. I am not so weirded out now. lol


DeeJay - February 5

I believe that babys and children can see our loved ones who have pa__sed much easier than adults can. My lo always stares and laughs so I just tell her it is her great nana (who was like my 2nd mom) and I tell her to say hi. I hope it is my family who has pa__sed because I know they are watching over her.



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