What S The Best Bouncer For Newborn

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Angela - September 7

I am pregnant and trying to figure out what bouncer to get. I have very small space (1 bedroom condo) so I'd like to get one that isn't too bulky or that could possibly fold up and go in a closet (although that isn't completely necessary). I want one that will be good for him as a newborn but hopefully be big enough to last a few months at least. My biggest objective is having a place to occupy him while I need to do dishes, shower, etc. Any thoughts???


... - September 7

When your baby is a newborn, he won't be able to support his head, so the bouncy would not be of any use until then. I have found that my baby loves to sit in his carseat. I will put it on the floor in the kitchen while I cook, clean, do dishes, etc. Also, the Snugli carriers are great also. That way, he will still have the comfort that you are holding him, but you still have both hands free. It is small and you can put it in the closet when you aren't using it!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 7

My daughter didnt like her bouncy chair (we had a cheap one that a friend gave us) but I have heard the baby papasan bouncy chair is wonderful! Just like the swing! (I wish they would make it where you can attach one seat to either the bouncy chair or the swing and not need both)


Kathryn - September 7

My son has a Sesame street bouncer. It's not really good for space and It is really hard to take apart and put back together when it needs to be cleaned. He also has a fisher price bouncer that he keeps at his grandma's. I like it because it can be used when he is older as a rocking chair. I'm not sure why you wouldn't be able to use it as a newborn. They are both reclined and I'm not sure I've seen one that wasn't reclined. Both of his vibrate and he loves them. Good luck.


BBK ® © - September 7

We have the fisher-price aquarium. It's cheap but the baby loves it. She was able to sit in it when she was a week old.


amanda.d - September 7

I am BBK on this one I highly reccomend the fisher price aquarium bouncer, the sounds sooth newborns while when the child gets older it amuses them.



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