What S The Hardest Baby Job For You

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hrsmith - July 7

My dh and I were talking to some family members ther other day and we were discussing what we thought the hardest tasks we had to do with our little ones. I have to say the hardest thing for me is clipping the nails!!! Good God!! When he was a newborn I was completely terrified that i was going to cut him, now i can't get my little sherman tank to even sit still for a moment. Even when I do get them cut, they are certainly not shaped! It's funny, i wil look at them the next day and they are all pointy lookin'. thank goodness i don't let them grow too long before i try to cut them, as he would have some serious claws!I try to turn the TV on so he can be entertained and distracted, but that doesn't work either. It's definitely a 2 person job!!! IMy son has also figured out how to take his diaper off when changing. I can honestly say I get a complete work-out these days for every little task. I ove to hear what baby task issues you have with your lo.


hrsmith - July 7

btw, my son is 8 months


cae - July 7

My son is 5 1/2 months and I would say feeding him. He is learning how to make new sounds everyday and has been babbling away. So, of course, when I am trying to feed him, there he babbes, and out flies his food. So I try to wait to give him another bite until he is done, but then he screams at the top of his lungs because I am not feeding him fast enough. So no win situation.


Marlene - July 7

hrsmith it is so funny you said that b/c I just cut my sons nails for the first myself this week!! He is 4 months and I have been asking his grandmother and babysitter to cut them b/c I was too scared. He moved so much and they were very uneven when I was done.


nic nac - July 7

hrsmith, have you tried clipping while he is napping? I cut Aaliyah's finger nails and toe nails while she is sleeping. I think that is the only way to do it and it helps to avoid any mishaps. The hardest thing for me was getting her to sleep through the night. now she does but boy was it hard teaching her how to. LOL.


LisaB - July 7

I was lol when I read this my mil calls ds Kyler Scissorhands his face ia always scracthed and I am forever filing and clipping his nails. When he is in his crib heuses the bumper like a cats scratching post and always has sharp little nails, I do think maybe that is one of the hardest things for me to keep on top of. When he was about 2 months I did cut his finger he scramed I cried it was bad so now I just file.


austinsmom - July 7

Glad I saw this post I am going to go home and tell my husband to stop teasing me about he nails cause I thought I was the only one who was so scared to cut their lo nails. My lo is 6 months and I have still not done it!!! I get my husband or a family member to do it.....the first baby appointment at doctor I actually asked if one of the nurses would cut his nails ( I was very serious) and they laughed at me!!! I get ribbed about this all the time!!!! Glad to know I am not alone....the next hardest thing is checking lo temp with a rectal thermometer.....I have done this though I just do not like it at all!!!! I thought I was smart by buying one of those thermometers that are pacifiers before lo was born so I would not have to do rectal but ....my lo does not take a paci and so well that plan did not work out....lol


Rabbits07 - July 7

I have to agree that nail clipping and rectal temps are the hardest!


ashtynsmom - July 7

The hardest for me is sucking snot out of dd's nose. She was fine as a newborn, but at 5.5 mos, she fights, and screams and twists her head around all over the place. The second hardest is getting her to take a bottle when she is tired. She arches her back and flails her arms and fights me the whole time. I just want to throw up my own arms and scream!!


hrsmith - July 7

maybe i will try to cut them when he is asleep. thanks for the advice nic nac. I have successfully changed two diapers while he has been asleep so I am sure i could probably clip the nails. Also, what about the pulling of hair. baby's must know exactly where to pull in order to generate the maximum amount of pain!! Right along the hairline. :)


mama3 - July 7

I have the hardest time just getting anything done when all 3 of my dd's are up. My baby will sit and play and let me do whatever I want while her sisters are sleeping. As soon as one of them get up she crys for me to hold her. If I get a breif moment were she will let me put her down while there up, neither one can come near me or she crys. I never thought it possible for a newborn to be jealous of her siblings. I really never took notice that, thats when she would cru for me till my mom brought it to my attention. An about cutting the nails. Oh yes, I hate trying to cut her nails. She curls her fingers and when I try to straighten them she screams at me. Which of course makes me even more nervous. So I usually get 3 out of 5 done at a time.


sahmof3 - July 7

I could just faint thinking about the nail thing. The first time I trimmed them I drew blood- the horror :0. Now, I'd have to say changing his diaper before bed. I put the crib rail down to change him. I'm only 5'4", so he'll be squirming everywhere and I'm giving myself the Heimlich trying to wrestle him into clothes.



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