What S The Most Expensive Frivolous Thing You Ve Bought

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ssmith - February 27

For your LO? I haven't been too bad so far, with the exception of some babyGap outfits that were pretty unnecessary!! However, I am looking online at sandals because she will be walking soon, probably by Spring....and all the ones I like are upwards of $50. I believe that in most cases you get what you pay for....but $50 for baby sandals seems a bit much. Just curious to know if anyone else has blown some major cash on something a bit frivolous for their LO?


SuzieQ - February 27

lol - we paid $1300 for her crib and dresser. That was more than we spent on our own furniture!!!


tritty - February 27

well, it's hard to resist isn't it? the two most expensive things I've bought for the baby were her crib which was $1200 and a Coach diaper bag that cost me $400. As far as clothes go, I didn't buy them but someone bought her Baby UGGS. it's fun spoiling the baby..... and i'm just not good at saying "no" when i really want something!


ash2 - February 27

Gulity as charged ! I bought my oldest DS a tuxedo for like 85 dollars ! He was in a pageant, but i still thought it was too darn cute to pa__s up ! It comes with a bowtie and everything ! I have also bought him some stride rite shoes for around 40 bucks....Aiden is not old enough yet to spend that kind of money on .


ninaatk - February 27

Ya.... I have a bit of an addiction when it comes to my DD And gymboree and baby gap....I've spent some hard cash in those stores! I bought a swearter for $46! And she just out grew it.... :( oh well.... LOL - if my DH knew the kina money some of her clothes cost he would die! LOL!


aggie03 - March 1

Not one $ yet...lol....but man those gift cards!! I have a really big family $30 each goes a long way! :) I think Im about to buy that traveling car seat taht has wheels on the bottom for the airport...


Danielle19 - March 1

besides furniture which i can't even remember how much all of it was, i bought 2 $65 outfits for jordan at macy, and of course he only wore them twice, he also has about 5 pairs of shoes hes never wore


jacksonsmommy - March 1

I have to say I'm a bit of a spender. Hubby's not any better. He bought a Coach diaper bag when my water broke. We're both addicted to babywit.com and any baby rock apparel. Concert onesies are the coolest and we spend way too much money on that stuff. DH also found babyrockrecords.com and I swear we have every cd they sell!



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