What S Wrong With Nestle Good Start

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k - April 28

I've heard a lot of people say bad things about the nestle corp. and their advertising and some refuse to use their formula. I'm confused. What exactly is going on? What's the problem, can someone explain?


Lisa - April 28



k - April 28

I tried going to that website and I didn't find any information


michelle - April 28

http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/8148/nestle.html Try this. I copied it.


michelle - April 28

the link is getting chopped up. Take the dash out of Heartland and try it.


Lisa - April 29

There are a few you can can try http://www.babymilkaction.org/pages/boycott.html


char - April 29

I used it for two months until i had to switch to a formula with starch but it was well recommended by my pediatrician and my husband and i liked it


Sam - May 1

Hi K I am one of those people who refuses to buy ANY Nestle product, including L'Oreal. The baby formula maybe just as good as other brands, but for years (more than a decade) their advertising practices in other countries have been causing infant deaths. They managed to convince these women to use their product rather than b___stmilk. There would have been no problem with that IF these people had clean drinking water. That's not all that's wrong with Nestle but it's more than enough for me to boycott their products. http://www.globalpolicy.org/reform/business/2002/09nestle.htm http://www.babymilkaction.org/


Sam - May 1



Sam - May 1



Kerry - May 2

I would also like to know more about the reasons nestle is bad that happenes to be what my doc recomended It's less gas forming and my daughter tolerates It better so whats the news health risk? Why would my doc recommend It


michelle - May 2

It's not the formula people have problems with, it's the company that makes it.


Tim - May 15



jason - May 19

nestle is very bad in the way they treat there staff


Kerry - June 20

Here is the old post you can read the above for info.


BB - June 21

Is there anything wrong with the actual formula? I use it and am now a little concerned.


Kerry - June 21

BB It's not the formula It's the way the company did business my Doc recomended It and my Daughter does great on It don't worry.



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