What S Your Favourite

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Smilefull - March 4

KID SHOW!!!! I found myself suprisingly entertained by shows I thought would be mindless kiddy bopping. There's this one show with two guys--they keep telling the kids to push the "yawn" button on the remore control, or the "upside down" button---It's so funny I just want to cry I'm laughing so hard. They'd be yawning away and be like ---"AAAHHH! okay, cut it out" Did that make any sense at all? I'd love to hear everyone's kid show favourites!!


carol23 - March 4

BABY EINSTEIN. I love it for my DS.


Smilefull - March 4

carol-Baby Einstein they really love don't they? "What shape is this?" "Octogon!" "Octo-where did it go?"-----


jenrodel - March 4

Baby Einstein! ds is only 5 months and loves it... Numbers Nursery and Santa's Music Box are his favorites... he laughs out loud at the horse when he eats the flower then makes all sorts of funny noises... it's too cute. I watched the Doodlebops yesterday, and it reaaaallly annoyed me hehe... I don't mind the Wiggles... good for dancing with ds!


bradylove - March 4

Dora the Explorer and the Wiggles as annoying as they may be they have great songs!


AnytimeLittleone - March 4

BACKYARDIGANS! Completely love them! DD watches Polka Party over and over and over again, and everytime, Im glued to it. Love the songwriting... every episode is a different musical style.. and it promotes imagination and peer interaction.... and its bright, and cheery, and always fun!


Lisastar9 - March 4

BACKYARDIGANS ! even watch them.


sophandbob - March 4

I'm such an old whinger because I watch kids programmes these days in think they pale into insignificance compared to ones I watched as a child. It seems it is quite hard to find a Kids TV programme that doesn't go on about various bodily functions such as farting! That being said the hoobs are quite good, so it lazy town as it teaches healthy eating and good manners but in a fun and non obvious way. Don't know if this is shown in the US tho. Haven't seen backyardigans in the Uk, but have heard many of my US mom buddies talk about it.


Renea - March 4

I like Charlie and Lola, but my kids don't watch that one too ofen. They love the upside down show, pinky dinky doo, backyardigans and of course Wonderpets!


sahmof3 - March 4

Sesame Street!


ry - March 4

"the phone, the phone is ringing...theres an animal in trouble somewhere!" sorry, couldnt help myself! i love wonder pets and little einsteins, the music is so cute!


Nerdy Girl - March 4

I like Arthur and Sesame Street, but my 4yo dd has been getting into the "Upside Down Show" on Noggin that Smilefull mentions. They have a website where you can print out and color the remote control.



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