What S Your Pediatrician Like

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fabienne - March 21

Does your ped. show an interest in the baby? I mean, does he ask questions about him/her? I feel ours isn't interested. I don't know. Maybe I'm asking too much but he always seems to be in a hurry and doesn't take time to ask question and listen. I could surely use more help from him but I feel I can't ask. Maybe I should change...


olivia - March 21

Ours is pretty good. I basically had 2 choices with insurance, I picked the younger doctor. He has a 2 and 4 year old at home, so I knew he would be up to date on all the issues. He asks tons of questions, makes eye contact, we like him. You should change sooner than later if you can find someone you like better (who takes your insurance). Go with your gut feeling!


SonyaM - March 21

We LOVE our ped. and so do our boys. Hei s very personabloe, asks questions, explains things, etc. I would say keep looking until you find one you are comfortable with or even say (in a joking way to enlighten him) boy you sure seem busy lately. Maybe a subtle statement like that will "wake" him up. Good Luck.


Heidi - March 21

I have had a midwife since day one of being pregnant and now she's Emma's doctor. She's awesome. Always asks questions, really gets involved with Emma when we take her in for her check ups and is soooo down to earth. It's great! We can ask her anything.


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 21

I love my girls pedi. She is great. She listens and shows interest and always ask alot of questions. I would not change mine for the world. She is the kind that listens to what you are saying and doesn't b__w you off.


Sarahsmommy - March 21

I love Sarahs ped. She's wonderful. She seems really interested in Sarah, and never treats us like we are stupid if we take Sarah in for something and it turns out to be nothing. She has even gone in to where my husband was working and would stop and ask him how Sarah was doing, she's great. I would think about changing ped if he didn't seem to have time for us.


YC - March 21

Fabienne, our first ped. was alot like yours. She kind of hurried through everything and I swear her answer to everything was "that's normal". As a first itme parent I dont know what "normal" is so she wasn't much help. We switched to a new ped. and he is great. He takes as much time as we need and answers all of our questions no matter how dumb they may sound. He explains things very throuroughly even if they are things that are normal. He also askes how we are dealing with everything (we had a very colicky newborn). I think it helps that he has a 1 yr old and a 3 yr old so he seems like he understands how overwhelming the new parent thing can be. Good luck.


Lillie E - March 21

the doctors office i go to is soo packed with people, and not enough doctors that everytime i've gone in there (somewhere around 3 or 4) i get a different doctor everytime. the last guy i saw was named Dr. Miracle... the guy talked about how glad he was to work with children again because for the past 5 years he had been working with prisoners.... and he wouldn't stop looking down my shirt. perv!


Nerdy Girl - March 21

We love our ped too. She is in a practice of two docs. They cover for each other in emergencies, but each have their own patients specifically. I feel that my ped really knows my kids quite well. She asks a lot of questions about how they're doing, and has really guided us through some issues with our older daughter that required visits to specialists. She has a philosophy that she likes to give shots herself, instead of the nurses, because she thinks its important for kids to understand that people who love them might also sometimes have to do something they don't like. I also really like the office staff. They are so kind and helpful when I call with questions, and they never make me feel stupid, like I have heard friends complain about. But alas, no place is perfect. There is one particular nurse there who is a total witch and whom I requested not to deal with my daughter ever again. My daughter was very frightened during her 2-year checkup, and she was really crying. The nurse squatted down to her level and screamed "BE QUIET!!!!" right in her face. Of course that only made my daughter yell louder. My husband and I were so awestruck that we did not even know what to say. We told the doc what happened when she came in the room, and the doc was totally apologetic.


Shelly - March 21

I love mine,she really spends time with me and Jesse,I think it's important to have a good connection with your doctor!


shelze - March 22

I love my doctor!! i think if you are not happy you should really look for a new one. If you live in NJ let me know, I will give you the name of mine.


Angela in California - March 23

Change!! A pediatrician should make time to care about your baby and you should feel comfortable when you're with him/her so that you can ask anything. I had a pediatrician like what you are describing and at 4 weeks I changed to a new one. I'm much happier.


fabienne - March 24

I canged ! I had to go and see a doctor for Matthew today and thought I'd try anoth one. What a difference ! This one seems to love babies ! He was great with Matthew and me. I'm glad.



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